Versace couture line

Versace model
Versace model

The fact Versace name, since its inception, synonymous with glamorous fashion style, and along with the popularity and proximity of Gianni Versace in the middle of the jet set and celebrities of the world, the Italian label that was founded in 1978 is increasingly uphill. Especially when Elizabeth Hurley wore a black dress which later became one of the collections Versace's most famous throughout history.

So, not a surprise when later issued a Versace couture line. However, since Gianni's death in 1997, Versace fame slowly faded, until finally Donatella Versace took over the reins of leadership and slowly bring the label bearing the Medusa's return to the top.

versace couture
versace couture

This is evident from the breakthrough hot lately done Versace, such as reviving the line Versus the "put to sleep" in 2005, collaborated with Lady Gaga for the video clip of "The Edge of Glory" to work together nicely with H & M that exploded in the market.

Not only at the level of high street, also reaching the level of buzz Versace couture when Versace couture decided to get back on track. Actually, Atelier Versace line is not completely on hiatus. Versace couture collection is still producing even though only in limited quantities.

Special Gift for the Beyonce child

gift for Beyonce Pregnant
gift for Beyonce Pregnant

Hollywood celebrities Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z was happy. Both recently celebrated seven months pregnant with their first child. Infant couple celebrity is certain to become one of the child surrounded by a variety of luxury goods.

Kelly Rowland is also her partner in Destiny's Child says it will give a special gift for the Beyonce child. Not intentionally, Rowland said would reward her friend with a pink bathtub decorated with swarovski crystals equivalent of U.S. $ 5200-7000 USD.

According to Kelly Rowland, even though baby is something very awaited her parents, the child is not spoiled her parents. However, a special gift will not make Beyonce disturbed. "I'm very happy for my sister's happiness. They're happy now," she quoted from

Beyonce is not directly announce her pregnancy at the MTV Video Music Awards held in Los Angeles, August 28, 2011 last. Wearing a red dress, the singer who will be the age of 30 years was seen holding her belly bulge.

Reese Witherspoon bag get critics

Reese Witherspoon bag
Reese Witherspoon bag

Organization that protects animal rights, criticized the movie actress Reese Witherspoon. This beauty actress was carrying a designer handbag made ​​of python skin.

Organization for the Ethical Treatment of Animals wrote a statement to the stars 'Walk the Line' after she was seen wearing a bag. Reese Witherspoon wore Chloe bag worth 2370 pounds, reveals how the bag was created.

"No matter how much Reese to pay for that bag because the value of one animal is more valuable than anything," said one spokesman for the organization.

More recently, it is very easy to see how an animal is killed. Snakes, crocodiles, pythons, are some animals that are targeted to be killed the next the designers will pay for the beauty of their skin. Similarly, as reported by Femalefirst, Thursday (November 01, 2011).

Reese Witherspoon handbag
Reese Witherspoon handbag

"Every year, millions of snake impaled on hooks or nailed to a tree with their heads and skinned alive. We can not imagine that after the suffering of animals, humans still use them as a fashion accessory that can be replicated with bloodshed," the organization writes.

In fact, this organization in 2006 was choose Reese Witherspoon as one of the world's sexiest vegetarian. They say, Reese uses the bag without feeling guilty because it directly has been killing animals is protected.

This organization had previously been reprimanded celebrities including Paris Hilton, who was pelted with flour during a fashion show in London in 2006. Paris became the model of Julien Macdonald, a designer who often use fur accessories.

Luisana Lopilato as Ultimo Underwear model

Luisana Lopilato
Luisana Lopilato

Recently brand lingerie Ultimo has hired top Argentinian actress Luisana Lopilato as a new face. Michael Buble's wife was also showing off her beautiful curves.

Ultimo chose Luisana Lopilato a Buenos Aires-born blonde star for latest ad campaign. For her role, Luisana exhibiting a collection of underwear for a breast lift and create the perfect silhouette. This ad campaign for Ultimo collection autumn / winter 2011.

Wearing underwear Ultimo Miracle, Luisana Lopilato showing her beautiful form, with collections ranging from plunge-neck body suits to strapless bra, and diamante.

Although unknown in England, 24-year-old actress has had a big name around the world. She is an award-winning recording artist in the land and water, after a role as a teen star in the Latin American television series Glee. In addition, Luisana Lopilato has also been selected in the 100 list of sexiest women of FHM Spain for three consecutive years.

Founder and CEO Michelle Mone Ultimo, said he chose Luisana Lopilato actress after seeing the wedding photos.

"Luisana Lopilato is one of the most exciting player in the international world, we have not and I am sure he will bring a new sense of fun and glamorous for this brand. As a new face, we will be spoiled by her extraordinary," said Michelle is quoted from Dailymail , Saturday (October 22, 2011).

With a slim figure and beautiful face, Luisana Lopilato considered suitable representative in the famous clothing brand.

"It took a long time to get him, but I refuse to give up to get it. The jaws are strong and charismatic beauty Luisana suitable for Ultimo underwear, and we can not wait to unveil our new design," he explained.

Luisana Lopilato previous celebrity began to follow in the footsteps of Kelly Brook, Mel B, Sarah Harding, Helena Christensen, and Raica Oliveira as Ultimo icon. Previously, Luisana've become iconic advertising campaigns of Coca Cola and L'Oreal.

"I am pleased to be the new face of Ultimo underwear. It was an incredible experience through its ad campaign photo shoot," said Luisana Lopilato.
Luisana Lopilato underwear
Luisana Lopilato underwear

Black Wedding Dress Vera Wang

black wedding dress

Sometimes black wedding dress is the most taboo thing to use the bride. Worn black dress of the bride is considered as if creating an atmosphere of mourning and burial.

As opposed to the tradition, the new design, featuring a collection of Vera Wang wedding dress with black domination. In her collection, Vera Wang broke the rules of wedding dress style with a series of black wedding dress at Bridal Fashion Week in New York.

Designers who designed three wedding dress Kim Kardashian, including Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez, Chelsea Clinton and Avril Lavigne, featuring dresses in her thick shades of gothic clothing made from organza, tulle and chiffon. None of the wedding dress that she release using the classic white color.

As quoted from the Daily Mail, widely influential designers in the fashion world celebrity wedding gowns dresses play with dark colors like gray, pale mint, even black.

Although the dark color of wedding dresses lately re-emerged in popularity among white and ivory wedding dress colored like black and red is not something new.

Queen Victoria popularized white wedding dress trend when she married Prince Albert in 1840. Previously, brides wore gowns of various colors.

Many brides in the western world brocade gown of white embroidered with silver thread on a blue dress and yellow as well as practical color like brown, gray and black. While brides in other parts of Europe and other parts of the world uses the red dress.

When Queen Victoria chose a white gown for her wedding immediate delivery wedding dress new fashion trends. The white color is used plural nobility at that time to indicate a status symbol. In the late 19th century, white wedding dress has become the choice of wedding dress in almost the whole world.

Turtlenecks the style of dress Steve Jobs

turtleneck Steve Jobs
turtleneck Steve Jobs

In fact Steve Jobs is famous for many things, the Apple II, Macintosh, Pixar, iMac, iTunes, iPod, iPad, and even more recently, the iPhone 4S. But from the eyes of fashion, Steve Jobs is famous for the consistency of his style, a combination of Levi's jeans and black turtleneck.

The question then arises of course predictable, why a black turtleneck? The answer is easy, because Steve Jobs had a lot of black turtlenecks. In fact, a lot of news popping up lately, it is said that the collection of turtlenecks Jobs to 100 pieces.

Stories about Jobs's iconic style choices are also recorded in a biography titled "Steve Jobs" written by Walter Isaacson. Isaacson takes more than two years of interviews, both with Steve Jobs and the family, friends and colleagues a man whose full name is Steven Paul Jobs. One of the stories of successful is about the style of dress Steve Jobs.

The origins of the black turtleneck Steve Jobs began in 1980, when Jobs was in Japan. At the time, Jobs asked the Chairman Akio Morita, Sony's why everybody in the company using the uniform. Morita said that after the war, no one has clothes for work and the company must give them clothes to wear every day and from year to year. Uniforms were then create a separate identity for Sony employees. Then, Jobs said, "I decided to do the same thing, to strengthen the relationship between fellow Apple employees."

Sony, at that time oust the famous Japanese designer, Issey Miyake, designing uniforms for its employees, a multifunctional nylon jacket that can be converted into a vest. On the recommendation Morita, Jobs also see Miyake and argued that he needed a vest design for all Apple employees.

"I came home with samples from Issey Miyake and told everyone that we will use the uniform and for the first time I shouted. Everyone turns to hate the idea," said Jobs to Isaacson.

Even so, it turns Steve Jobs and Miyake relationship continues. Even Jobs is often visited Miyake. From there later Jobs got the idea to create a "uniform" for himself. "The reason that rational," Jobs said simply.

"Because I like something that is practical for my everyday use, then I ask Issey turtlenecks make me some as often he used. I like his style turtlenecks, "said Jobs.

No warning, then send Jobs Miyake turtlenecks in large quantities. "I have enough to wear my lifetime," he joked. Jobs apparently it had already fallen in love with a turtleneck, then in addition to wearing a turtleneck design Miyake, Jobs also often buy their own collection of his black turtleneck, and not from any brand, but St. Croix worth USD175 turtleneck made of cotton and microfiber.

Style Icon
Steve Jobs are a practical style with a combination of a black turtleneck and denim pants, in fact many people imitated, and not just limited to Apple lovers. Jobs in the day died, Knitcratf reported a black turtleneck sales doubled. Even as an expression of sympathy condolence, Knitcraft donated $ 20 to the American Cancer Society for each of turtlenecks sold.

Sales of "turtleneck Steve Jobs" which instantly rocketed it caused many who want to wear a "uniform" to pay homage to Jobs, including celebrities. Until now, Knitcraft mentioned, the flow of consumers who order a "turtleneck Jobs" has not been broken. At least there are 1,000 people booked through Facebook.

Steve Jobs may be the IT leaders who raised turtleneck as a style statement. However, history can be traced to actual turtleneck the 15th century. At that time the turtleneck is a type of clothing that is often used by sailors, who often worked in the middle of the sea wind. However, some reference also shows that British society turtleneck widely used to make the neck stay warm while biking.

From clothing to army uniforms sailors, now turtleneck into clothing all ages and walks of life. Start children to adults, can be sure to have at least one turtleneck in their closet.

The material is also now not limited to wool, but much more diverse. Some are made of thin Lycra so it can be used as clothing in, some are made of layered heavy wool to ward off the cold.

Lady Gaga use Special Hat in Latest Video Clips

lady gaga hat
lady gaga hat

Sensational singer Lady Gaga back to make a breakthrough in performance. This time, the cap parabola be unique in exhibiting the Lady Gaga appearance of action for the fans.

Not Lady Gaga if not spectacular, and kicked off the world stage. There is always a fantastic display nicks, both when attending the event or "perform" on stage. And recently, the appearance that acted strangely in filming the Lady Gaga latest video clips can be enjoyed by the fans next month.

In the video clip, owner's full name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta use a special hat that resembles a parabola designed to make it look trendy. Chanter song "Born This Way" is filming a video for "Marry The Night in Harlem" in New York. This is the fifth single from her second album, as released Dailymail, Monday (October 17, 2011)

In that view, Lady Gaga was seen wearing a red dress with a fairly complicated piece. Parts of a long-sleeved tops, while the bottom is a half-length shorts with thigh. As a sweetener, a long scarf wrapped dangle down to the floor with beautiful layering decorate such strange fashion.

Strangeness of the more visible because the singer looks 25 years is enclosed entirely by a parabola-shaped hat that looks very heavy. Just a little Lady Gaga eyes look out from behind the hole is accidentally perforated cap to see the circumstances around her needs.

Not only that, it looks increasingly strange looks because of "styling" blond hair cut short and slightly bleached and pale lipstick color choice blue which decorate the lips. However strange and complicated appearance, keep watching Lady Gaga fashion sense is very subtle in appearance. It show through "stiletto" black increasingly her beauty in the video clip.

Katy Perry newest Perfume is Meow

Katy Perry perfume
Katy Perry perfume

Several times ago, Katy Perry asking her fans to guess the name of a perfume that would soon release, Katy Perry says it chose the name of a cat-themed perfume.

On the Twitter account, Katy Perry announced, perfume named 'Meow'. Cats is one of the beautiful animals that are often associated with the feminine side and her sexiness. The plan, perfumes go on sale in November.

"Some of you guessed, right? Newest perfume is Meow! Perfume is very sweet and inspiring a magical place, CANDYFORNIA! #Meow," said Katy Perry eagerly on Twitter, @katyperry.

Katy Perry chose the theme of cats to name her newest perfume as a manifestation of her love of cats. Cat-shaped perfume bottle designed by the scent of apples, green bamboo and Bulgarian roses.

"Meow is very sweet-scented and inspired from a place of magic, CANDYFORNIA," she said as quoted from Zimbio.

Katy Perry admitted to not wait to launch her ​​perfume it. "I can not wait to introduce it. They are very sweet, sweet dreams and pink ice creams kittens!"

Lady Gaga wear dress motif fans face

Lady Gaga fans
Lady Gaga fans

In the previous show of with garbage bag dress, recently Lady Gaga appeared with pictorial dress motif the face of fans. With this action, it seems the singer of "Born This Way" it knew very well the importance of fans in Lady Gaga career.

As part of the Viva Mac Glam ad campaign, 25-year-old singer is using a dress depicting the fans face. To that end, thousands of fans have sent their photos before the campaign was made.

The work was given the logo of The Masterpiece was created by designer Lady Gaga, Nicola Formichett. Nicola is the creative director Thierry Mugle to France.

Nicola is a very creative printing faces of the fans Gaga in a cloth. She produces sleeved mini dress with one-shoulder and asymmetrical cut. Face patterned cloth was also made into a platform high-heeled shoe type. Thus quoted from Dailymail, Friday (October 14, 2011).

In her latest video, Lady Gaga showed her excitement to the dress. While dancing, dress illustrated some of the faces of fans waved it helped. Meanwhile, in another video clip, Lady Gaga along with Nicola was sitting on the couch, and lip gloss lipstick to Nicola.

Pleased to be involved in addition to the Viva Glam ad campaign, Lady Gaga also proud to help others. The reason, the sale of Viva Glam lipstick from MAC will be donated to the AIDS foundation.

"I always liked the Viva Glam campaign, and always admired the union of fashion and lifestyle here (ad campaigns). Now to help people and bring people together to raise awareness of AIDS, mainly because we focus on women. I think this is a good way to talk about AIDS awareness. I feel blessed to have been part of this campaign," Lady Gaga said.

Since joining the MAC in 2009, the singer of "You and I" this has helped increase the income of 55 million USD for the MAC AIDS Fund. Lady Gaga joined the MAC following in the footsteps Elton John, Cyndi Lauper and Mary J. Blige who has been spokesman for the previous ad campaign. While Ricki Martin and Nicki Minaj will join the MAC project, next February.

Lady Gaga wearing Blue Lipstick

Several ways you can do to indicate a condition, either by appearance or way of dressing. If you are experiencing feeling sad, anyone can show it by wearing a black shirt or display sad look on face. However, not so with Lady Gaga.

lady gaga lipstick
lady gaga lipstick

This controversial singer actually exhibit a blue color lipstick. With a bold move, Lady Gaga wearing blue lipstick in New York, Monday (October 10, 2011), local time.

It was a view that will make ordinary people look like zombies. But as usual, the owner's real name is Stefani Germanotta was confident with her appearance. Thus was launched from Dailymail, Monday (October 10, 2011).

With a pink dress and floral color matching high heels, lipstick neon colors on her face a blank expression makes Lady Gaga again be the center of attention.

Blending the colors pink and purple, as well as high heels towering Christian Louboutin, as well as oriental-style cap on her head into a complementary Lady Gaga appearance.

Kate Middleton Wedding Dress in Exhibition at Buckingham Palace

Wedding dress made ​​from Alexander McQueen label broke the record. In the exhibition held at Buckingham Palace, Kate Middleton wedding dress to suck up to 600 thousand visitors.

Kate Middleton wedding dress
Kate Middleton wedding dress

Spectators came from all over the world and managed to collect a fund of 10 million pounds from the sale of tickets.

The funds will be used as a maintenance fund in the royal art collection at Buckhingham Palace. The exhibition of wedding dresses Duchess of Cambridge was also the most visitors managed to break the record, beating the highest visit to Buckingham Palace in 1994, reaching 420,000 visitors.

To enter the exhibition space, each person must purchase a ticket for £ 17,50. A spokesman for Buckingham Palace said the funds collected from ticket sales will be used for maintenance of the royal art collection.

"However, not all, some of the funds we get from ticket sales will also be donated to the foundation designated by the Duchess of Cambridge," he said as quoted by the Telegraph.

Furthermore, the spokesman said, when giving permission for her dress on display, the Duchess of Cambridge to make sure some of the funds raised will be donated to charity.

"Kate Middleton and Prince William already has a list of foundations that will accept donations," he continued.

With regard to the number of record breaking exhibition visitors the most visitors, the exhibition curator Caroline de Guitaut said, "We really enjoy the flow of visitors who had never dropped out to see Kate Middleton wedding dress. This is the busiest month and we are very happy with the success of this exhibition."

Liv Tyler become Icon to Pantene

Liv Tyler hair
Liv Tyler hair

Beauty actress Liv Tyler ever be the brand ambassador for Pantene. Now, the daughter of Aerosmith vocalist Steven Tyler was asked back to become an icon to Pantene.

Earlier, Liv Tyler actresses and models sexy lips showcased the shiny hair for Pantene Pro-V in 1996. Now, she went back to role as the new face of the famous brand of shampoo.

Pantene launched its new collection of products that have been held seven years. This latest collection will added in stores on November 1, 2011.

With her ​​new gait, Givenchy perfume icon was hoping to change the way women shop hair care related, which is using the latest collection from Pantene that uses NASA technology. Similarly as quoted from Dailymail, Thursday (October 06, 2011).

Liv Tyler women 34 years this is the iconic natural choice for Pantene. Not only because of the history of Pantene, but also because she still looks pretty like 15 years ago.

She joined back together Pantene model to follow in the footsteps of others, including Cat Deeley, Eva Mendes, Shilpa Shetty, and Naomi Watts.

Liv Tyler star of "The Lord of the Ring" this will be a special Pantene brand ambassador for the product "improve and protect the hair". Liv Tyler will appear in advertising campaigns Pantene print and television, and fight for the new brand.

"I am very pleased to cooperate with the Pantene for their latest project, moreover I have become an icon advertising its products in 1996 when I was aged 19 years," she said.

"I've become a brand ambassador for several brands of hair care, but Pantene is my favorite because it always makes my hair look healthy," Liv Tyler concluded.

Victoria Beckham receive Hall of Fame Headwear


Hat be accessory of supporting appearance that is always reliable, especially among European nobility. In fact, headwear is still a fashion device that is often used by people, including celebrities at various prestigious events.

Look Lady Gaga, Victoria Beckham, LL Cool J and Kid Rock, who often appeared with a hat, highlighting they trademark. This turned out to make them have the honor of The Headwear Association (THA) for entry in the Hall of Fame Headwear, for contribution to promoting the art aspect of a hat.

Each year, The Headwear Association gives awards to six people for their contributions to promoting the accessory head. "Six people are selected to enter the Hall of Fame Headwear, known for often wearing a hat and have a positive influence on the evolution and popularity of the accessory head," statement The Headwear Association, as quoted by NY Daily News.

Make the head still looks stylish accessories in a variety of era's is primary mission of The Headwear Association. As did Victoria Beckham, she received this honor because it often displays a collection of hats at fashion show of her work.

Then, the reason Lady Gaga received this honor because she often performed with the hat having a certain unique in various types and sizes. Meanwhile, Kid Rock, of course, because the cowboy hat or fedora model characteristic appearance.

Bare Foot Shoes is Trend

bare foot shoes
bare foot shoes

Actually running with barefoot is scientifically proven to be healthier than wearing shoes. Not surprisingly, a lot of sports shoes now to mimic the foot with the bottom layer that is thinner and dedicated space for each finger.

But if the sports shoes a minimalist who is now the trend is really beneficial to reduce injury to the wearer?

Researchers from the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse, top U.S. Sport Council sponsors 16 women studied. Everything recreational runners aged 19-25 years to spend two weeks using the shoes 'bare foot' which is very light. They also use regular shoes from the best selling brand for 20 minutes a day three times a week.

Then, the experts analyzed the forms, and due to the use of regular shoes and boots bare feet. The researchers found that half of women are turning to sports shoes minimalist bare feet or shoes can not find the same shoes as their feet shape, so that its use raises risk of damage to the body. However, after adaptation, can reduce their risk of heel pressure. Studies also show, wearing traditional running shoes create excess pressure on the back foot, especially on the heels of an increased risk of injury.

Cedric Bryant, chief researcher of the U.S. Agency for Sport said the importance to get shoes that fit so that the shape of the foot is slowly switching from traditional shoes to barefoot shoes.

"Do it slow and steady approach," he said. "Instead of running in accordance with the habits and your speed, give yourself time to adapt to a new style using a minimalist shoe," he said.

He suggested to replace the shoe with a minimalist shoe, do a brisk walk rather than run directly. This is to shorten the step and landed at the feet of the front focus, not the heel. Dr. Bryant stated, it took 4-5 times a week until they can adjust to these changes.

Although minimalist shoe may reduce the risk of injury, runners with shoes that do not traditionally do not complain of injuries need to change their footwear. "If you're not injured, do not change anything. However, if the injury continuously, you may need something more than the shoes," he said as quoted by the New York Times.

Determine an Artificial Bag is Authentic Designer Handbag or not

Artificial Bag
Artificial Bag

In fact, Fashion is an industry prone to plagiarism. Thus, in some countries, selling fake fashion goods is considered a crime.

The rise of sales of clothing, footwear, handbags and counterfeit goods have been troubling the designers, especially those selling online. In the U.S., sales surge in counterfeit branded goods via online reached 42 percent in 2010. And growth is expected to be higher.

Piracy and counterfeiting of goods is generally the well-known brands such as Chanel, Louis Vitton and Tiffany. As a result of counterfeiting, manufacturers of fashion is ever sued number of parties who sell fake goods as their brand online.

Angie Houston, founder, a website that offers designer handbags and other designer goods call for a dozen years increasingly difficult to distinguish where the original and counterfeit goods. Still, there are some disadvantages of designer goods 'lame'. "There is no bag that can actually mimic the original," he said as quoted by Shine.

He thinks there are some things that can be explored to determine an artificial bag is authentic designer handbag or not. Here are some of determine an artificial bag is authentic designer handbag or not:

- Hardware
Zippers, clasps and and closing, should all have the same color, except the artificial Chloe bags, which often makes use of complementary-colored mixture. Make sure the zipper open and close smoothly.

- Stitching, shape and symmetry
Branded bags are generally not glued, except maybe your wallet. The original Louis Vuitton handbags usually use the monogram canvas, and the symbols are usually sewn like a mirror on the right and left. Gucci and Fendi also started doing the same thing since taken over by LVMH. Make sure the bag you see a pattern and the same shape as design drawings by designer.

- Writing and logo
Logo writing the correct spelling, each carving or writing arise (emboss) should look neat and accurate. Instruction book has no misspellings or photocopied.

- The smell of leather
Bag from genuine leather skin should have a scent, not glue, rubber or chemicals.

- Stay away from websites 'seller designer handbags'
Many manufacturers of bags that have their own outlets and online stores. If you see a website that is run not by the producers themselves, worth very expensive and can buy multiple pieces at once, be careful.

- Price
Be careful when viewing the price of the bag. If the original branded handbags usually Rp7-10 millions, but if someone offers a cheaper price, the bag can be sure that you buy a fake.

Fashion of British Star

Shona McGarty
Shona McGarty

Event of Inside Soap Awards 2011 enlivened by a number of young British star who reportedly is ready to replace Kim Kardashian, Beyonce Knowles, and a long list of other names. Who British star looks like?

Earlier this week, peak evening awards Inside Soap Awards 2011 was startled by the appearance of a line of talented young artists who look stunning London. They like competing to show the most beautiful gown of all time.

Starting with a group of stars, starring Jacqueline Walford Jossa, Shona McGarty, and Danielle Harold is ready to pose on the red carpet event held on the stage Gilmesh, London.

Jacqueline Jossa (18), who plays Lauren Branning, looked stunning in a short black dress and towering red high heels designer Vera Wang. While Danielle Harold who is also aged 18 years, actress Lola Pearce, dispose of masculine style for a very sexy dress asymmetrical black holes at the waist and high heels ala Mary Jane.

Unlike the characters portraying in the film, Shona McGarty (19), looks very pretty in her cream-colored chiffon dress fashion design house Paccini, paired with matching heels with a slight yellow color accents, and long wavy hair that is broken down around her shoulders.

Pose the three intentionally separated even though they come together. This is done for a decent personal images on display for one of five awards at this event.

Other artists the opportunity to "fight" the girls cast Corronation Street above is Brooke Vincent and Sacha Parkinson who appeared in a dress themed sapphire stones.

Brooke (19), who plays Sophie Webster in the movie, appears wearing slinky little black dress that showcased her curves. She looks much different from the character of portraying troubled teens because clever "play" on a slightly developed hairdo and make-up made sexy.

Meanwhile, Sacha (19), who acted as her lesbian lover Sian Powers, choosing long-necked red dress from the Channel. This dress makes it look very mature.

Furthermore, there is Michelle Keegan's most steals the attention because she was wearing a dress. Naturally, if he had been named as the Sexiest Female in three years.

24 years old artist who has been engaged to Max George's look good with black ruched dress while posing while holding such an award.

When compared with the style of Hollywood celebrities, the young players from England almost able to match their makeup. Llike Chelsee Healey that seems inspired by the style of dress Beyonce Knowles.

She appeared wearing a short dress of materials combined with the flickering Jersey swarovski crystals. Her curls, she let loose so that it displays the sexy 19-year-old woman.

British fashion observer who is also editor of Inside Soap, Ella Joana, say, looks almost like Beyonce Chelsee.

"Just a little more mature, she can be as successful as her idol," she said.

Then, there is Ella Ryan who look nice using a short knee-length dress paired with black silhouette lines in the chest. This dress mentioned similar to the dress once worn Kim Kardashian.

Maybe she is a big fan of Kim, has not been established. What is clear, wavy hair flowing long enough to enchant thousands of pairs of eyes who attended the event.

As for which is equally interesting is the attention of Nicola McLean. She wore elegant long white dress fashion designer Alexander McQueen's house.

This style looks oriented style of Kate Middleton Duchess of Cambridge, who liked to explore on the touch line which is simple yet elegant.

Sarah Jessica Parker leg health cause her Stiletto

Sarah Jessica Parker stiletto
Sarah Jessica Parker stiletto

Since for long time running with a stiletto, Sarah Jessica Parker seems to have noticed her leg health. Appear, the main character "S3x and the City" (SATC) is exhibiting a full foot decorated hierarchically varices.

The 46-year-old actress seems to spit her body toned and youthful appearance in one-shoulder gown Stella McCartney at a gala event in New York. But the widened blood vessels in the legs gives the impression of a less flattering to her appearance.

Starring Carrie Bradshaw in SATC is indeed happy to wear Manolo Blahnik high heels. In 2008, a woman who was familiarly called SJP (Sarah Jessica Parker) admitted that her habit had damaged her leg.

"I basically just destroyed my feet. So now they (foot) did not feel anything. I have no feeling in my feet," she quoted from Dailymail, Monday (September 26, 2011).

At the Ballet's 2011 Fall Gala, New York City, Sarah Jessica Parker pose with Stella McCartney's girlfriend, Naomi Watts, and Jessica Seinfield.

The days of Parker's last few days caught up with her ​​baby is adorable, the twins Tabitha and Marion.

Sarah Jessica Parker was busy promoting her new movie "I Do not Know How She Does It", but also has discussed the possibility of the film "S3x and the City" last series.

"I never gamble, but it may have come within a point of time, not in the near future, but in a few moments, where we might find time to tell the last story about the S3x and the City," she explained.

Sarah Jessica Parker also said that she thinks S3x and the City prequel follows the lives of Carrie Bradshaw as a teenager, is the moment of the 'beautiful'.

"I am always very touched to see how the communities affected by Carrie and her someone attractive and growing interest. So I think it's very interesting and very beautiful," she concluded.

Kanye West working on Fashion Labels

Kanye West fashion
Kanye West fashion

Kanye West, American rapper was seriously working on fashion labels. This was demonstrated by its commitment to enliven the Paris Fashion Week show. Kanye West on Paris stage appearance will be his debut, as well as exams to enter the fashion world.

For that, Kanye West prepares his collection to the fullest. According to Vogue magazine, Kanye West has been holding a British designer, Katie Eary, to help him as a creative consultant. Kanye West is not the first celebrity to try to get into the fashion world.

Victoria Beckham, Gwen Stefani, Beyonce Knowles, Avril Lavigne, and Sarah Jessica Parker are some celebrities who have proven that they can compete with the designer fashion school background.

Branding Expert Team Jeffrey said that the celebrity fashion business is just an extension of their popularity.

"If they fall in popularity, it is not impossible brand they will also fall," said Jeffrey.

"It would be nice if they actually know what they will do with the brand they have in the future," said Jeffrey.

Meanwhile, Bruce Ross, President and CEO of Celebrity Fashion Group, a marketing consulting firm, to assess success and failure of a fashion brand is not rooted in one's popularity, but originality.

"Consumers are not easily fooled, they will not necessarily fall asleep with a big name. Consumers can judge whether the collection of celebrities are original or not," he said.

Ross pointed out Gwen Stefani and Beyonce Knowles successful nail stuck in the realm of fashion.

"They have a unique style that makes people want to emulate their style and it is the strength of their fashion brand," said Ross.

"Stefani's LAMB is also not only represent Stefani's style but has been transformed as a symbol of American harajuku style," he continued.

As for Beyonce present House of Dereon as a form of tribute to her grandmother, Agnes Dereon, who was a tailor in the 1920s.

Therefore, House of Dereon collection of vintage-style, combined with the sensuous tastes of the typical Beyonce. However, Ross said, not all celebrities have strong concepts related to their fashion business. Many also take advantage of the moment of moral hazard.

"Take for example the Kardashian sisters," said Ross, referring to the label Kardashian Collection is now sold in Sears department store network.

Lara Stone photo in GQ magazine

Lara Stone
Lara Stone

Appear vulgar is nothing new to Lara Stone. After a few times in action nud3 in famous fashion magazines, she is now showing off her curves and flirty. This time, Lara Stone the Dutchman model appeared no clothes in GQ magazine.

Supermodel who has become the iconic Calvin Klein and Givenchy were not ashamed to show action while posing nud3. Precisely British comedian David Williams's wife was seen enjoying every moment that lasts.

However, Lara Stone revealed that she found it difficult to cope with the pressure as a model when condemned by fans on social networks, related actions are pleased to pose nak3d.

When she posed for GQ magazine photo shoot, Lara Stone admitted will be clothing with just a fur coat, it does to maintain decorum.

In front of the camera, Lara Stone gave a fleeting look naughty poses with poses showing off sexy pout. On the other pose, she's covering her breasts with fur coat while posing on the beach.

However, winning the title of "Woman of the Year" version of GQ magazine, admits struggling with negative comments about her appearance.

"It hurts when you're having a tough day and someone said, 'She's so ugly, I will not let my dog ​​near her," said Lara was quoted Dailymail, Friday (September 23, 2011).

Photo Model born December 20, 1983 is also talking about one of Calvin Klein ads, when it was driving the Bentley convertible.

"I can not drive. The car was mounted on the truck, and I should be driving. It's hard to drive it when my hair was tied up. We ended up not taking photos of the action, and it was perfect, except my hands have never been on the steering wheel. I feel like idiot," she explained.

Like the other models who take part in the film industry, Lara Stone also said she wanted to be involved into the acting.

A source says, "The name Lara Stone has been touted in a casting meeting for Austin Powers 4, and there is talk that the boss wants to make it for a screen test, especially after she talked about comedy."

Lady Gaga seeing New York Giants game at Stadium MetLife

Lady Gaga new York Giants
Lady Gaga new York Giants
We all know if Lady Gaga love to appear eccentric with weird clothes and controversial action. This time, the famous singer was re-confirmed its existence by wearing the dress while watching a baseball game at the stadium MetLife.

The owner's real name Stefani Germanotta was caught on camera was seeing New York Giants game and poured champagne from her glass onto the floor. Lady Gaga seemed lifted her champagne glass, then decided to no longer drink wine and pour it over the floor.

Wearing a bright blue cap bearing the logo of NY, 25 years old singer looked out of the field of sports games wearing a black dress made of PVC with necklines decorated with accessories and a black balloon skirt nets.

Native New Yorker is a sport the United States and the popular singer was blonde. Completing the look with red lipstick and a pair of sunglasses, Lady Gaga strange back in action throughout the game. Chanter "Poker Face" looks to celebrate the birthday boys at the moment.

"Happy Birthday Brandon. Love, Gaga. We love you," wrote Twitter account @#Giantsgame quoted from Dailymail, Wednesday (09/21/2011). This explains the reason she poured champagne on the floor.

According to the New York Post, Lady Gaga dispose of champagne to the fence in front of her and trickled down to the bench reserved for the fans of baseball with the condition of disability.

But before decide to throw champagne on the floor, Lady Gaga seen watching the match in which New York Giants beat the St. Louis Rams. She looked serious and was accompanied by a male friend wearing blonde blue hat just like her.

Sensational action is not the first time she did, Lady Gaga also been several times strange action at sporting events.

Regularly, often went Lady Gaga sporting events in the Big Apple. And last summer, she made headlines when wearing a bra and panties studded accessories. In addition to these actions, Lady Gaga asked to leave the stadium the New York Yankees because of the entrance to the club and drank whiskey, then talk to the players.

Neon Fashion be Trend in 2012

neon fashion
neon fashion

Recently at New York Fashion Week, which was held on 8 to 15 September 2011 for spring 2012 collection, neon colors proved again steal the show. Unlike era 80' neon colors style, gradations of color this time selected the designers actually highlight the glamor.

Appearances can look bright as well as elegant. Nothing wrong to be different by using a fluorescent color clothing. Follow the following three tricks, so you look more flashy with Neon fashion in 2012, as reported from

1. monochrome
With a choice of colors are very bold, simple fashion model who can still steal the show, as this collection of Cushnie et Ochs. You simply pick one fluorescent color. But, be sure to match the color of your skin. Appearances will be more stunning if you wear shoes that are the color matching the color of clothing.

2. stylish Lady
Jason Wu's collection of this evidence when wearing neon colors you can still look elegant. He combines superior black and white accented at the waist with a bright pink skirt. So, do not hesitate to buy a skirt with bold colors.

3. Pair with a suit
In era 80', fluorescent clothing is always paired with skinny jeans and sneakers. Now, you can combine with the suit and wear it to the office. As this collection of Nanette Lepore, which combines peach suit with the color orange.

Red color Trends in Emmy Awards

lea michele emmy award
lea michele emmy award

You are know .. Red color trend seems will never fade in 2011. The proof, the Primetime Emmy Awards looks Red by a number of celebrities who came.

"One of the hottest fall color is red, and the stars do not miss it on the Emmy red carpet this year," said style expert, Sam Saboura, pointing Lea Michele, Kate Winslet, Nina Dobrev, Kerry Washington, and Adrianne Palicki.

Even Allan Cumming chose bold colors on his pants and tuxedo. In addition to red, the other bold colors are a favorite color is blue and worn by Cobie Smulders, Claire Danes, and Amy Poehler.

Design a dress was in the spotlight. If previously, sleeveless dress to make the artist look elegant and beautiful. This time, the artists chose sleeveless dress without hiding the beauty of hand. Just look at the appearance of Michele Poehler and Gwyneth Paltrow, or Kate Winslet and Christine Baranski is a show with sleeveless dresses responsibility.

There is also Laura Linney, Melissa McCarthy, Loretta Devine, Jayma Mays, and Mayim Bialik, who appeared with a long-sleeved gown. "The arm of the dress is a great way to show off the beauty of their hands," he added.

Although it look more attractive, the choice of the long arm of the dress Mayim Mialik not based on reasons of fashion alone. She chose to wear long-sleeved dress for religious reasons. "I'm Jewish, I wanted to cover my body," said the artist 'Big Bang Theory'.

Of course there are some exceptions. Christina Hendricks dress looks not suitable for class events Emmy Awards. "Too much sparkle would seem ludicrous for an Emmy Awards event. The dress should be maintained for larger events. The silhouette is simple without excessive accessory would be very appropriate for this event," he added.

Buono way was enough to attract attention to the earrings are made of metal AK-47. "These earrings are made of metal AK-47 in Africa, and the money from the sale of these earrings will fund the destruction of weapons in countries like the Congo," says the actress. (source: Reuters)

Huda Naccache is First Arab Model for magazine Covers featured Bikini

Huda Naccache
Huda Naccache

Recently Yara Mashour take big decisions. As Chief Editor of Lilac, Arabic magazine based in Israel, he challenged the customs and traditions. On the cover of the new edition of the magazine there are portraits of female models clad in bikini.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, the magazine featuring the figure of Huda Naccache, models 22 years of Arab descent and Israel from Haifa. Wrapped in a black bikini with white shirt draped over her shoulders, her eyes stared at the model reader.

Yara says, "Huda is the first Arab model for magazine covers featured bikini-clad Arabs. For a decade I continue to work to fight for the lives of Arab women in order to have more rights and freedoms in the Middle East."

Huda Naccache was feeling proud as someone who voted Lilac imaged as a strong and amazing woman. "I'm very proud to be the first to (wear a bikini on the cover of Lilac)," she said. "I am a professional model and this should be considered normal."

However, Huda Naccache did not deny he originally hesitant to accept it. She was well aware of the limits taboos and norms of local communities. "But, after seeking approval of a parent, I became bold and confident. I'm not afraid of a girl who took the first step, and open up opportunities in other Arab models, to represent the liberal and independent women young Arabs."

Lilac editorial policy was clearly to invite controversy. Lilac is the first magazine in the Arabian Peninsula to break the taboo. Dared to show bikini-clad woman on the cover.

"Since I founded the Lilac in Israel 10 years ago, I broke the taboo about women in society. I work for the empowerment and freedom of women," Yara said. "I want to start a new concept about the Arab woman who dared to break the social taboo, and show their physical beauty in public."

Lilac, that being secular, became the most popular magazines Arabs in Israel and read at a number of Arab countries. Women's magazine is written in Arabic, with English language insertions. "Because the new and younger generation prefer to read English," says Yara.

Yara expect positive policies will provoke discussion, not a disaster. He was conscious during this taboo in Arab media featuring the shoulders, knees. and backs of women, especially women's bikinis. "The government will probably do the censorship and banning of this outstanding magazine. A number of Arab countries like Lebanon should not make the ban, because I think they are very free."

Christine Walton as the owner of the longest fingernails in the world

Christine Walton
Christine Walton

Finally Christine Walton reap the sacrifice of her discomfort she felt during the last 18 years. Woman from Las Vegas, United States, it earned the accolade as the owner of the longest fingernails in the world and recorded in the Guinness World Records 2012 book which was published on Thursday.

Christine Walton managed to grab the top spot in the world's longest fingernails owners today. Overall, the Walton nail has a length of 6.02 meters, with the right nail length 292.1 cm and 309.8 cm nail of her left hand.

Despite having long nails with a nail outside the normal length, in a video as quoted by, Christine Walton can still use cell phones and do household chores such as ironing clothes.

World record holder for longest fingernails ever, Lee Redmond, a tragic traffic accident in 2009 which caused her to lose her title.

She survived a car accident, but have lost the title owner of the world's longest fingernails, because the nails are never cut for 30 years she had broken in the incident.

Alyssa Campanella championed win Miss Universe 2011

Alyssa Campanella
Alyssa Campanella

Most of 89 countries are now hoping the representatives win Miss Universe 2011 beauty pageant. In the poll, contestants from the United States championed win.

For the first time, Miss Universe Organization to introduce the poll for the fans. They could choose a favorite contestant who will be directly won seats to the semifinals. The result, Miss USA 2011, Alyssa Campanella, occupying the top position in the top ten contestants choice of a fan in Miss Universe 2011 beauty pageant.

Women 21 years old from New Jersey will become the only hope for the people of the United States to get the Miss Universe crown this year, such as Brook Lee once won 14 years ago as Miss Universe 1997.

The winner of Miss Universe 2011 will be announced just one day after the 10th anniversary of the tragedy of 9 / 11, and Alyssa will give the best gift to the American people, if she wins. Alyssa herself had impressed judges at the Miss USA pageant this year, not only with beauty, as well as intellect. Similarly, as quoted by IBTimes on Monday (9/12/2011).

The final night of Miss Universe 2011 will be held in Sao Paulo, Brazil on 12 September. The contestants will compete in three categories, including swimsuit, evening gown and interview. Later, Miss Universe 2010 Ximena Navarrete will remove the crown to her successor.

Miss Universe Facts Unique

Miss Universe
Miss Universe

The Miss Universe contest is always interesting and spectacular. In the event universe pageant, which began in 1952, there are also facts fun and unique. What are the Miss Universe Facts is Unique?

1. United States Luck
United States could be the most fortunate country during the Miss Universe organization. The reason is, because the United States has won the contest and won the title of Miss Universe as much as seven times, eight times is ranked second, and six times in third.

2. Success in politics
Miss Universe 1981 from Venezuela, Irene Saez, instead developing her career in politics. She once ran for President of Venezuela in 1998. Earlier, former beauty queen of this universe had themselves elected mayor of Chacao in 1992 and became governor of Nueva Esparta in 1999.

3. The first winner of African countries
Mpule Kwelagobe, from Botswana, is a contestant from the first African countries won the title as Miss Universe. She received her crown in 1999.

4. awesome costume
United States is the country that most often gets the title of Miss Universe. But, in terms of costumes, Colombia is the champion. The country most often won the title of Best National Costume Award, as many as six times.

Miranda Kerr show sexy Dress in Mexico

Beauty model Miranda Kerr knows how to explore her sexy body. Besides in her underwear, wife of actor Orlando Bloom was also good at showing off the body behind the sexy dress.
[caption id="attachment_193" align="aligncenter" width="183" caption="Miranda Kerr sexy dress"][/caption]
Miranda Kerr gives a magnificent view with a pair of white lace on the dress she wore when walk on the catwalk show Fashion Fest in Mexico. Although new to be mother, but the model from Australia that successfully

Fashion Blog

Manolo Blahnik redesign Kate Moss wedding Shoes

Manolo Blahnik a shoes designer admitted redesign Kate Moss wedding shoes up to five times. This was done to conform with the design of John Galliano wedding dress.
[caption id="attachment_189" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Manolo Blahnik Shoes"][/caption]
Manolo Blahnik made high heels ??creations for the supermodel that she was wearing with John Galliano dress during nuptials with Jamie Hince, last month.

"We do up to five times to match the one she expected. My workers are

Manolo Blahnik Shoes

Victoria Beckham style after Birth

Not for long time after giving birth to her daughter, Harper Seven, Victoria Beckham to appear in public with a super slim body. Not only that, a back injury in the suffering did not matter to her. Victoria Beckham is still trying to come up with its flagship high-heeled shoes.
[caption id="attachment_185" align="aligncenter" width="275" caption="Victoria Beckham with Children"][/caption]
Victoria Beckham was seen shopping in Los Angeles with David Beckham and children by using leather pants,

Victoria Beckham style

Petra Eccleston release Accessories labeled Stark Collection

Petra Eccleston will release a line of accessories in the New York Fashion Week. Collection of handbags and wallets that are labeled Stark, believed to make users look different.
[caption id="attachment_180" align="aligncenter" width="193" caption="Petra Eccleston collection"][/caption]
Youngest daughter of the British Formula 1 tycoon Bernie Ecclestone is already familiar in the fashion world. Women are a fan of bags and shoes also contribute in increasing the price of the Hermes Birkin bag

Petra Eccleston release Accessories labeled Stark Collection

Dresses worn Keira Knightley steal the public attention

Recently Keira Knightley a movie stars 'Pirates of the Caribbean', into the spotlight when appearing in the Venice Film Festival, Italy, Friday, September 2, 2011. Two dresses worn Keira Knightley managed to steal the public attention.
[caption id="attachment_176" align="aligncenter" width="171" caption="Keira Knightley Dress"][/caption]
As quoted from page, while attending the premiere of 'A Dangerous Method', Keira Knightley look stunning with long design Valentino gown. Her

Keira Knightley

Anna Freemantle Model appearing on Catwalk after Birth

Fashion model Anna Freemantle surprise when her fellow models appearing on the catwalk. Not because her body has changed, but Anna Fremantle had just given birth to a baby boy, nine days earlier.
[caption id="attachment_171" align="aligncenter" width="199" caption="Anna Freemantle"][/caption]
Anna Freemantle says, women do not have to choose between being a housewife and a career. Therefore, the first thing she thought after giving birth to her baby boy is back on the fashion model

Anna Freemantle Model

Unique way to Eyes so Narrow by Vogue Editor

If you want have narrow eyes. Try a unique way to the eyes so narrow by Editor of fashion magazine Vogue, Anna Dello Russo. She pulled the skin on both ends of the eyes of a model named Crystal Renn to the back, then held it with plaster. Russo did for the sake of a photo shoot for Vogue Japan.
[caption id="attachment_166" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="way to narrow eyes by vogue editor"][/caption]
In the hands Russo, round eyes Renn became more narrow. Games shading and makeup

Eyes so Narrow by Vogue Editor


Celebrity Fashion blog don’t own the copyright of any of these photos. They’re just photos I found browsing the web. I’m not trying to take any credit for them. I just find them very beautiful, interesting and useful for readers and I want to share them with more people. If your work is on here and you want it removed, or want credited please contact

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Floral Motifs in Fashion Trend 2012

Actually have several motifs that appear on every catwalk fashion, floral motifs, including one of a timeless motif. This motif has always been a favorite of women who love feminine side.
[caption id="attachment_159" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Floral Motifs"][/caption]
Simple dresses studded with flowers either small or large decorate the walls of famous storefront boutiques.

Jil Sander, Givenchy and Erdem provide new touches on a sprinkling of flower motifs in design.

Floral Motifs

Alexa Chung be Host Fashion Reality Show

Alexa Chung a fashion model was several months of vacuum from the world of fashion, talented young model will again present the fashion show autumn color.
[caption id="attachment_155" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Alexa Chung"][/caption]
Alexa Chung may have pocketed a lot of experience in the model, one of which featured as the cover of Vogue magazine, June 2011. But the fashion world get more attention from fashion model and also television presenter on this year aged

Alexa Chung Fashion

Miss Universe finalist in Swimsuit session

Miss Universe finalist from Indonesia, Nadine Alexandra, are following the Miss Universe 60th in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Before leaving for Brazil, Nadine had said she would not wear a bikini in the swimsuit session.
[caption id="attachment_151" align="aligncenter" width="278" caption="Miss Universe finalist"][/caption]
Nadine Alexandra was fulfilling that promise. In the photo posted on the page, Nadine looked wearing one piece swimsuit. While the majority of the contestants from

Miss Universe finalist

Cheryl Cole follow Lady Diana Fashionable Footsteps

[caption id="attachment_142" align="alignright" width="230" caption="Cheryl Cole fashion"][/caption]Cheryl Cole same as Lady Di? Actually people who love British empire was still upset after Simon Cowell comparing the former star of "X Factor" Cheryl Cole to Lady Diana. Why like that?

Simon Cowell claims that Cheryl Cole the former reality show judges are often called Geordie had the same impact on the British public like Lady Diana, one of royal family members.

"She's like Princess Diana

Cheryl Cole Fashionable

LeAnn Rimes wear Bikini in Beach

LeAnn Rimes celebrate the anniversary with her family while vacationing at the beach. Beach to precise locations for LeAnn Rimes through the addition of age. In her two piece bikini lavender, LeAnn Rimes looks show off sexy body.
[caption id="attachment_132" align="aligncenter" width="224" caption="LeAnn Rimes Bikini"][/caption]
If any other public figure with a pick through anniversary with held luxurious party, not so with LeAnn Rimes. Blonde-haired woman that just choose to spend time with

LeAnn Rimes Bikini

how Kate Middleton recycles her clothes?

Do you think Kate Middleton expert to recycle? As fashion icon, Kate Middleton style always imitated. Who would have thought, owner brunette brown hair was expertly recycle the contents of her wardrobe. With her talents, the wife of Prince William received a new label as the 'Queen of Recycling'. So that was quoted by Femalefirst, Friday (26/08/2011).
[caption id="attachment_123" align="alignnone" width="225" caption="kate Middleton"][/caption]
Not only because of her perfect style, but her

Kate Middleton clothes

Fashion Label with a prison number Nelson Mandela

You are know? a prison number of former South African President, Nelson Mandela, was very famous. In fact, by Beyonce Knowles, the number "46,664", converted into a song called when she was performing at the concert Nelson Mandela Foundation in 2003 and was greeted by the guests.

This time, Nelson Mandela Foundation is creating a fashion label with a prison number. It is a tribute to Nelson Mandela is a hero racial discrimination.

Fashion collections are manufactured by companies from

Fashion Label

Pre-Wedding Photos with Ghost

Shooting intimate photos before the wedding (pre-wedding photos) to be a trend in recent years. A touch of creativity of the bride or the photographer often create a series of images that invite a smile.

Consider the photographs of pre-wedding lovers from California, Juliana Park and Ben Lee. Because include zombies or ghosts, pictures of them a warm conversation in the virtual world some time ago.

Uploaded to the internet since mid of this month, the photos have prompted thousands of

Pre-Wedding Photos

Find Discount Voucher and able to Haggle

People who love discount rated saves millions to tens of millions of dollars annually. The reason is because they are able to haggle.

In tough economic times, the activity of the bargain has changed. Initially a hobby has now become an obsession. So many of us take advantage of the discount voucher and sale.

Survey of 2,000 people found that nine out of 10 people who are financially independent using a voucher or find discount items. They depend on the bargaining as a result of tighter

Discount Voucher

Behind Lady Gaga Fashion Style

Various fashion accessories like dress the meat, lobster hats, leather corsets, rubber dresses are the quirky dresses that are often wrapped body singer Lady Gaga. Controversial style has an important role in the course of her musical career.
[caption id="attachment_109" align="alignnone" width="278" caption="Lady Gaga fashion"][/caption]
Dress madness apparently not separated from the role of the brother, Natali Germanotta. A novice fashion designer 19 years of age who had just completed his

Lady Gaga Fashion Style

Earrings Slave on Vogue Fashion Magazine

[caption id="attachment_101" align="alignright" width="220" caption="ethnic earings"][/caption]Recently Vogue Italia condemnation after the release of an article titled 'Earrings Slaves' on its website. Famous fashion magazine accused of shameful efforts by make glamour slavery black women in America, the past.

In an article published August 5 that displays the images following a round earrings fashion editor Anna Bassi review the trends related to women's jewelry, as quoted from the

Earrings Slave

5 Ponytail Style an appropriate for Face Shape

Actually ponytail hair seem to be a trend that never fade. But unfortunately, not everyone can choose the style of ponytail that conforms to the shape of her face.

Therefore becomes important to recognize your face shape before choosing a haircut that will be applied. "Not all face shapes appropriate to use a variety of ponytail styles," said Paul Edmonds, celebrity hair stylist, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

Paul suggested to pull the hair back and look at your face shape of the mirror.

Ponytail Style

Substitute Ximena Navarrete is winner of Miss Universe 2011

[caption id="attachment_93" align="alignright" width="271" caption="Ximena Navarrete"][/caption]Title and crown Miss Universe who used Ximena Navarrete will change to another beautiful woman on 12 September. Substitute Ximena Navarrete is the winner of Miss Universe 2011.

Miss Universe 2011 competition has begun to follow 89 contestants from all over the world. Starting Sunday (21 / August) yesterday, they began to follow the quarantine until the evening peak at the Credicard Hall, Sao

Ximena Navarrete

Lady Gaga appearance with a Hat

[caption id="attachment_87" align="alignright" width="205" caption="Lady Gaga hat"][/caption]Famous singer Lady Gaga is always got own style. Chanter "Born This Way" was always different, weird, and other unique than others. Having previously appeared in a latest video clip, "You and I", now Lady Gaga show appearance with a hat.

Women 25 years it was expertly packed appearance from head to toe. After a few times wearing a headdress that is unique, ranging from lobster to the roses, now Lady

Lady Gaga Hat

Anne Hathaway adapt Kate Midleton style of dress

[caption id="attachment_82" align="alignright" width="188" caption="Anne Hathaway"][/caption]Although Kate Middleton may have received criticism about her fashion choices. But in the eyes star of "The Devil Wears Prada" Anne Hathaway, Kate Middleton actually commendable to dress like a lady.

Anne Hathaway assess the Duchess of Cambridge have demonstrated the appearance of anti Hollywood.

"Can I tell how I am proud to Kate Middleton? Because she can inspire us to look like a lady. I think

Anne Hathaway style

5 treatments Madonna so maximum Performance

[caption id="attachment_78" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Madonna"][/caption]Although Madonna entering the age of 53 years, and carve out a long career for 30 years, Madonna is still at the top of the entertainment and fashion.

Starring Evita Peron and the author of this child fairy tales always look stunning, iconic style and has millions fans in worldwide. Madonna can show, she could beautiful as 20-year-old.

There are 5 treatments that Madonna has always done so maximum

treatments Madonna

20 tricks a Woman to feel Beautiful and Sexy

[caption id="attachment_74" align="alignright" width="300" caption="beautiful woman"][/caption]Every women have many ways to feel beautiful and sexy. From using red lipstick and nail polish, to wear a mini dress and jewelry. A recent study revealed 20 tricks a woman to feel beautiful and sexy.

According to research conducted by Superdrug to British women, spray your favorite perfume is ranked first in the list. In addition, get the latest hairdo also ranked top a must do for a woman feel

tricks to Beautiful

10 Top Fashion cities 2011

Ranked 'Top Global Fashion Capital' previously held by New York, in 2011 it was taken by London. This was announced by the Global Language Monitor, a few days ago.

In fact, last year's New York managed to take the title from Milan. Previously, New York has become the top fashion city for five years. Meanwhile, Berlin and Singapore for the first time made ??it into the top ten list of top fashion cities. Other cities that are in the list of 'Top Global Fashion Capital', among others, Paris,

Fashion cities

Miranda Kerr became Victoria's Secret Bikini model

[caption id="attachment_66" align="alignright" width="222" caption="Miranda Kerr Bikini"][/caption]Beauty celebrity Miranda Kerr is always capable of stunning with a beautiful body. Even to restore to its original weight and became Victoria's Secret model, Miranda Kerr need only six months after giving birth.

These 28 women immediately began a career after her baby was born into the world. In photos, it appears that Miranda Kerr weight is not as a new mother gave birth. Miranda Kerr became a

Miranda Kerr

Bella Swan Wedding Dress sold

[caption id="attachment_62" align="alignright" width="185" caption="Bella Swan Wedding Dress"][/caption]After launch of the book and continues screening the movie, 'Twilight' phenomenon in the entertainment world. Sequel to last displaying wedding Bella Swan and Edward Cullen one of the most anticipated fans.

Twilight fans need to be patient three months after for witnessing the marriage Bella-Cullen. Coinciding with the inaugural release of 'Breaking Dawn' part 1 on 18 November 2011, a

Bella Swan Wedding Dress

Lady Gaga has managed to lift a Young Designer

[caption id="attachment_56" align="alignright" width="207" caption="Lady Gaga dress"][/caption]Attached to the image with an eccentric style, Lady Gaga has provided inspiration for many fashion lovers. Not just make it a fashion icon, but Lady Gaga has managed to lift the image of a young designer.

As a celebrity who likes to show off different appearance, the singer who came to fame through the song "Poker Face" has been relying on a number of globally recognized designer to complement the

Lady Gaga Designer

Lady Gaga has managed to lift a Young Designer

[caption id="attachment_56" align="alignright" width="207" caption="Lady Gaga dress"][/caption]Attached to the image with an eccentric style, Lady Gaga has provided inspiration for many fashion lovers. Not just make it a fashion icon, but Lady Gaga has managed to lift the image of a young designer.

As a celebrity who likes to show off different appearance, the singer who came to fame through the song "Poker Face" has been relying on a number of globally recognized designer to complement the

Lady Gaga Designer

Lady Gaga performed with an Elegant Dress

[caption id="attachment_46" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Lady Gaga"][/caption]Lady Gaga try changing the brand image as a singer with a controversial appearance. Evidently having previously appeared normal with one-shoulder long dress, now the singer Lady Gaga again showing another side of herself.

After performing a scene with a dress meat and Kermit the frog, now Lady Gaga came up with glamorous and elegant style in a dress of yellow and white snake skin texture. The singer who

Lady Gaga performed

Signature style of the wearer Personality

[caption id="attachment_42" align="alignright" width="300" caption="personality"][/caption]"That's your style!". If your friends made comment like this, is mean sign you have a distinctive style mainstay. It could be because the top is always a choice of dark, bead necklace that never goes out or the style of pants, shoes and some handbags.

Every thing that you use can indeed be a marker styles. Not only that, it also could describe you as the wearer personality. For example, like Kate Moss

Signature style Personality

2011 Miss Universe finalist photos wear Bikini

Besides contestant from Thailand, Chanyasorn Sakornchan, it turns out the official website of Miss Universe is also showing five contestants who appeared wearing a sexy bikini. Who are they?

Soon, Miss Universe 2011 will be held in Sao Paulo, Brazil. A total of 88 contestants flawless from around the world will compete for the Miss Universe crown currently used Ximena Navarrete.

Charm of the 2011 Miss Universe finalists can be seen on the official website of Miss Universe. Besides brief

2011 Miss Universe

Consider when buying a Handbag

Choose a handbag model tote, clutch or hobo? Whatever the model bag, women must have the handbag item. Appearances would seem incomplete if it did not carry a handbag. Moreover, when you include the type of person who always brings a lot of stuff.

Given the handbag is an important item, when you buy should also have certain considerations. What is it? Here are things to consider when buying a handbag according to Megan Johnson, Lead Buyer of

Each year there is just a


Fashionable with Batik

[caption id="attachment_26" align="alignright" width="236" caption="Batik"][/caption]Batik can look fashionable and follow the trends. With the equivalent of a fitting, batik dress is simple can seem charming.

Batik with the beauty motifs and styles are the main attraction. With such flexibility, batik become increasingly interested clothing choices in the community, especially the woman while attending various events.

The evolution of batik from time to time is increasingly compelling.

Batik Fashionable

Lindsay Lohan wearing Tank top

[caption id="attachment_22" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Lindsay Lohan"][/caption]Be success in the entertainment make the privacy of artists seem transparent, even can be seen anyone. The same transparency with a black tank top worn Lindsay Lohan.

Upon entering the restaurant Mr. Chow, Beverly Hills, to eat on Thursday (11 / 8 / 2011) local time, Lindsay Lohan was showing off more skin than they should. From behind a tank top made ??from thin and without a bra, women who

Lindsay Lohan Tank top

Celebrities with expensive Hair Care costs

[caption id="attachment_17" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Rihanna Hairstyle"][/caption]Almost celebrities always into the public spotlight in every opportunity. So that they feel obliged to look in the best condition. Hairstyle is one of the celebrity attention.

They did not hesitate to spend alot of money for a trendy hair appearance. How much is spent celebrities for their hair style?

Here are list celebrities with expensive hair care costs, quoted from The

Celebrities Hair Care

Mel C give Criticism to Fashion Style of Rihanna

[caption id="attachment_13" align="alignright" width="201" caption="Rihanna Fashion"][/caption]Melanie Chisholm personnel Spice Girl admitted fan of Rihanna voice. But for the fashion style of Rihanna, former Spice Girl is not happy because too sexy.

According to the actress who often greeted Mel C, the dress code may affect the fans of Rihanna among teenagers. Rihanna should be able to show his responsibility as a singer who was loved. Dailymail So that was launched on Thursday

Fashion Style of Rihanna

Angelina Jolie wear Batik


Batik fashion is cultural heritage of Indonesia, batik should be maintained and developed for the continuation of many parties. And, they are most commendable is the batik designer. One fashion designer who is concerned with batik is Edward Hutabarat.

In the Edward eyes, the maestro, title by Edward to the pebatik-worth upheld because they are able to produce valuable work through the hard work for months.

"I never dreamed that Angelina Jolie would wear batik while attending a red carpet event. Because for me, behind the scenes of batik is very great where the maestro used to sit eight hours a day without rest, work on a single sheet of fabric in many months. This Indonesia is a portrait of heritage, the women empowerment!," Edward said in a press conference Reflections, 30 Years Edward Hutabarat Work in Sampoerna Strategic Square, Jakarta, Wednesday (27/07/2011).