Kanye West working on Fashion Labels

Kanye West fashion
Kanye West fashion

Kanye West, American rapper was seriously working on fashion labels. This was demonstrated by its commitment to enliven the Paris Fashion Week show. Kanye West on Paris stage appearance will be his debut, as well as exams to enter the fashion world.

For that, Kanye West prepares his collection to the fullest. According to Vogue magazine, Kanye West has been holding a British designer, Katie Eary, to help him as a creative consultant. Kanye West is not the first celebrity to try to get into the fashion world.

Victoria Beckham, Gwen Stefani, Beyonce Knowles, Avril Lavigne, and Sarah Jessica Parker are some celebrities who have proven that they can compete with the designer fashion school background.

Branding Expert Team Jeffrey said that the celebrity fashion business is just an extension of their popularity.

"If they fall in popularity, it is not impossible brand they will also fall," said Jeffrey.

"It would be nice if they actually know what they will do with the brand they have in the future," said Jeffrey.

Meanwhile, Bruce Ross, President and CEO of Celebrity Fashion Group, a marketing consulting firm, to assess success and failure of a fashion brand is not rooted in one's popularity, but originality.

"Consumers are not easily fooled, they will not necessarily fall asleep with a big name. Consumers can judge whether the collection of celebrities are original or not," he said.

Ross pointed out Gwen Stefani and Beyonce Knowles successful nail stuck in the realm of fashion.

"They have a unique style that makes people want to emulate their style and it is the strength of their fashion brand," said Ross.

"Stefani's LAMB is also not only represent Stefani's style but has been transformed as a symbol of American harajuku style," he continued.

As for Beyonce present House of Dereon as a form of tribute to her grandmother, Agnes Dereon, who was a tailor in the 1920s.

Therefore, House of Dereon collection of vintage-style, combined with the sensuous tastes of the typical Beyonce. However, Ross said, not all celebrities have strong concepts related to their fashion business. Many also take advantage of the moment of moral hazard.

"Take for example the Kardashian sisters," said Ross, referring to the label Kardashian Collection is now sold in Sears department store network.