Lady Gaga use Special Hat in Latest Video Clips

lady gaga hat
lady gaga hat

Sensational singer Lady Gaga back to make a breakthrough in performance. This time, the cap parabola be unique in exhibiting the Lady Gaga appearance of action for the fans.

Not Lady Gaga if not spectacular, and kicked off the world stage. There is always a fantastic display nicks, both when attending the event or "perform" on stage. And recently, the appearance that acted strangely in filming the Lady Gaga latest video clips can be enjoyed by the fans next month.

In the video clip, owner's full name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta use a special hat that resembles a parabola designed to make it look trendy. Chanter song "Born This Way" is filming a video for "Marry The Night in Harlem" in New York. This is the fifth single from her second album, as released Dailymail, Monday (October 17, 2011)

In that view, Lady Gaga was seen wearing a red dress with a fairly complicated piece. Parts of a long-sleeved tops, while the bottom is a half-length shorts with thigh. As a sweetener, a long scarf wrapped dangle down to the floor with beautiful layering decorate such strange fashion.

Strangeness of the more visible because the singer looks 25 years is enclosed entirely by a parabola-shaped hat that looks very heavy. Just a little Lady Gaga eyes look out from behind the hole is accidentally perforated cap to see the circumstances around her needs.

Not only that, it looks increasingly strange looks because of "styling" blond hair cut short and slightly bleached and pale lipstick color choice blue which decorate the lips. However strange and complicated appearance, keep watching Lady Gaga fashion sense is very subtle in appearance. It show through "stiletto" black increasingly her beauty in the video clip.