Jennifer Aniston wear Transparent Skirt

Yesterday, weather 26 degrees Celsius in New York city on Wednesday, 22 June. Jennifer Aniston, who was walking leisurely, seemed to feel the heat. Aniston 42-year-old woman decided to stay comfortable on a hot day wearing a tank top the color of dark gray and white skirt is transparent.

From monitoring of paparazzi who follow her activities, beautiful legs of a woman who was familiarly called Jenn did not escape the attention of the news hunters.

In fact, they rival Jennifer Aniston poses with a photo of the late Lady Diana in 1980, when the mother of Prince William was wearing a transparent skirt and showed subordinate hierarchically feet when the middle of two kindergarten students to accompany plays. That was Dailymail launched on Thursday (06/23/2011).

It was clear from behind the skirts of transparency, Jennifer is wearing only white cotton underwear, and a pair of beautiful shapely legs. Because the former wife of Brad Pitt that included women who exercise regularly. Exercise keeps the body Jennifer Aniston still excellent, one of commitment to exercise is to run every day.

Naomi Campbell Launch Jeans Collections

naomi campbell
Naomi Campbell

Denim jeans often become fashion subordinate mainstay on many occasions. No wonder so many brands release a collection of denim jeans in various styles. Including Naomi Campbell, taking advantage of it, this exotic-skinned model launched 15 jeans collections for the Italian label, Fiorucci.

At the launch of its design jeans, Naomi Campbell was assessed denim pants like pasta menu that can be combined with various other companion.

"The jeans such as pasta. You can wear it anytime and combine it with all the accessories. Wear with sandals to casual and high heels to look sexy," said Naomi told Harper's Bazaar that was launched Dailymail on Thursday (06/23/2011).

Not just jeans, Naomi Campbell released five T-shirts printed with her image as the cover of i-D magazine.

Collaboration is actually a bit strange for fashion lovers, because Naomi Campbell is rarely seen wearing jeans. This Jeans collection will be available on the market next spring.

Models of High Heel Shoes can bring Harm

shoes high heel
Models of High Heel

Women and shoes, two things that are difficult to separate. However, high heel shoes as women freind, also can bring harm.

As happened in the singer, Aretha Franklin. A few weeks ago, she had to be hospitalized because of finger bone fractured. Aretha Franklin slip when wearing her favorite high heel shoes, Jimmy Choo designs.

Some models of high heel shoes, can indeed make the wearer into the hospital for a sprain or a fall while walking. For you to be more anticipatory, know the three models of shoes are high-risk wreck, which was launched from the Shine page.

- High heel shoes with more than 5 inches
The higher principle of shoes, the higher self-esteem, many women applied. However, you must know the risks. Especially when wearing high heel shoes for more than 5 inches.

"The higher the heel, then the less mastery of balance. This can lead to severe injuries such as bone breakdown," said dr. Positano.

New Consumption Patterns of American Consumers

Recently after economic crisis, luxury products back excited. Hermes, Cartier and Harry Winston started to benefit.

However, overall, there is a change in consumption patterns, especially among the deep pockets of American consumers. "It can not be denied, their current spending style influenced a recession," said the head of the luxury market analyst Bruno Lannes from Bain & Co.

Furthermore, Lannes said today, while shopping though financially able to buy whatever they want, the deep pockets of consumers are now far more prudent in spending their money. "There is thinking, 'do I need this stuff or not', that's what distinguishes the style of their spending before and after the recession," said Lannes.

It is seen from the results of interviews with the Wall Street Journal Asia Lyndie Benson, wife of saxophonist Kenny G. As a socialite who also works as a photographer, Lyndie often make impulse purchases. "I shop when I want. But that was then, now I think twice before buying something," he said.

In fact, Lyndie says put back Morgane Le Fay gown very attracted his attention when walk in Malibu, California. "I think, I do not need it. So, I put it back," said Lyndie.

Surveys conducted Bain & Co., a global management consulting firm, said that after the recession, the creme de le cremedi America has a new consumption patterns. Although generally not affected the economic crisis, they are empathetic to what is happening around them.

"Generally, they are not affected recession. They still have jobs, homes and savings, but they saw what was happening in their surroundings and indirectly it affects how they spend their money," said Lannes.

Unique Necklace made of Human Hair


We are know hair is the crown and symbol of female beauty. In the hands of Middlesex University student, Kerry Howley, hair becomes a different and unique fashion accessories. He made a necklace of braided human hair.

Kerry Howley, a University student who majored in jewelry making necklace from his friend mother hair and create a common design on the wallpaper as inspiration.

Such as other necklaces, Kerry put the necklace of hair along the wearer's neck.

Regarding the unusual necklace piece, Kerry stated, the wearer can feel ambivalent on the same material. Depending on which side they see it.

Fashion Festival in Jakarta

fashion festival
Fashion Festival

Fashion Festival in Jakarta was held for the 14th time before the student graduation courses and 3-year International Diploma in Fashion Retail Business. Hundreds of works of 54 students will be demonstrated throughout the event, including kids clothing collections.

Before finally held a fashion show and passed, as many as 46 students a course of 3 years Diploma with specialization in International Women, Men, and Children's Wear and eight male and female students Business Fashion Retail Esmod showcase their work on "Concept Boutique Exhibition". Clothing slick on display in the hallway of The Pacific Place, Jakarta is a collection that was going through the external judging by the fashion experts, such as designers, fashion editors, professionals in the garment and textile companies, as well as retail businesses.

External judging itself has a percentage of 75 percent of students passing score that includes assessment of the design and creation. Terms of assessing the suitability of the design concept with six pairs of clothes designed. While in terms of creativity techniques to assess the collection, ranging from the pattern, cutting, sewing, to finishing.

Look Sexy Wear Clothing made from Lettuce Leaves

Beauty Chinese actress Gao Yuanyuan, look sexy by wearing clothing made from lettuce leaves. But this action is not part of the event fashion show.

As reported by the, her performance this time was part of a campaign to encourage Chinese society, that likes to eat vegetables. Together with a group of animal lovers, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Gao Yuanyuan of China to invite the community to control the consumption of meat and turn vegetarian.

She did not hesitate to wear a gown made of lettuce, which is actually more delicious to eat. Not only wrapped in lettuce leaves, red chili Yuanyuan also made as a decoration on her neck like a necklace, a charming accessory.

According to the actress, to become a vegetarian in China, it is not easy. In fact, at this time, meat consumption in China increased four-fold over the last 4 years. This risk of causing health problems like cancer and heart disease.

Most Stylish Pregnant Artist

victoria beckham pregnant
Victoria Beckham Pregnant
While pregnant did not prevent the world female artist to appear fashionable. As a fashion of former Spice Girls, Victoria Beckham fashionable.

Appearances wife of footballer David Beckham is always stylish and still wear high heels while pregnant. Wrap dress did show that Victoria was a lover of fashion.

Mother of three sons was always wants to look perfect for every occasion. Starting from clothes, shoes, accessories, to carefully chosen, so that it can "cover up beautifully" the belly bulge.

Pregnancy is now for the fourth time for Victoria Beckham. She was very capable of adjusting to show her best performances, including during pregnancy.

Strange Hat Collection at Royal Ascot

Usually Royal Ascot event is always lively with a race horse racing event and every detail of the United Kingdom gamble. Not to forget, the interesting part of this series of Royal Ascot events it is Ladies Day.

In the Ladies Day, generally scattered and charminghat looks stunning enliven Royals Ascot horse races. But the moment was not merely the appearance cap decorated with an attractive, many visitors who graced the Royal Ascot with strange headgear.

What a hat strange collection that adorn the Royal Ascot? Telegraph expose it to you.

Milliner Tracy Rose standing at one of the strange creations. He seems truly inspired by "The Claw", with a decorative hand very well maintained looks like a copy of his arm.

While the Telegraph columnist Bryony Gordon graced Ladies Day with a hat "windswept picnic"-complete with flag-head. While Beth Simpson, winner of the competition Majestic Peter Jones Millinery, assessed by Philip Treacy.

Aimee Nazroo sexy model posing with a hat-shaped milk box that read Modern Milk. While Isabell Kritensen graced the cover of his head with a simple daisy design Dede Valentine.

Not only humans, the foal was also wearing a strange hat. Famous old hat designed by Stephen Jones was priced at a remarkable, 8,000 pounds.

Sleeveless Jacket be Trend Fashion 2011

First Sleeveless jacket designed by Charles II in 1966, now sleeves jacket back to be trend fashion in 2011.

Just look at the models that waddle down the catwalk showing off sleeveless jacket famous designer, Stella McCartney, Preen, and Yves Saint Laurent.

A number of top artists was no doubt helped enliven Sleeveless jacket trend. Call it the Cheryl Cole, Rihanna, Kate Bosworth and Sarah Jessica Parker. Wear sleeveless jacket, they celebrity seemed to want say goodbye to the jacket sleeves.
sleeveless jacket
If you want to wear sleeveless jacket? Consider the following guidelines:

- Imitate the model demonstrates the sleeveless jacket combined with simple tank top, neutral-colored cardigan and pencil-shaped trousers.

- - Use a belt to give added shape.

- Show off the shoulder can form a sharp silhouette. So, soften with things feminine, like a pleated skirt or a floral skirt.

Batik Fashion is Textile Style from Indonesia

Not many people know textile style from Indonesia, immediately called Batik Solo. In fact, the resulting Batik Solo craftsmen centuries ago is one of the milestones Batik Indonesia.

Various parts of the world's oldest man is the way the textile processing, it is actually in Solo (as in Java) Batik entered the realm of government. These conditions make Batik to be special because it has a ranking based on motive.

There are certain motives which can only be worn by kings and nobles, or only used during celebrations. This makes the Solo Batik different than other other textile.
Historical and anthropological background, it becomes one of the reasons was chosen as the third city of Solo travel destination preservation mission conducted jointly by Batik Batik Attack Cleaner and Edward Hutabarat. Batik preservation mission "I'll Never Love At Batik Faded", established since October 1, 2010, in order Attack recognition and commemoration Cleaner Batik Batik, Pekalongan have previously visited (December 2010) and Madura (April 2011).