Katy Perry newest Perfume is Meow

Katy Perry perfume
Katy Perry perfume

Several times ago, Katy Perry asking her fans to guess the name of a perfume that would soon release, Katy Perry says it chose the name of a cat-themed perfume.

On the Twitter account, Katy Perry announced, perfume named 'Meow'. Cats is one of the beautiful animals that are often associated with the feminine side and her sexiness. The plan, perfumes go on sale in November.

"Some of you guessed, right? Newest perfume is Meow! Perfume is very sweet and inspiring a magical place, CANDYFORNIA! #Meow," said Katy Perry eagerly on Twitter, @katyperry.

Katy Perry chose the theme of cats to name her newest perfume as a manifestation of her love of cats. Cat-shaped perfume bottle designed by the scent of apples, green bamboo and Bulgarian roses.

"Meow is very sweet-scented and inspired from a place of magic, CANDYFORNIA," she said as quoted from Zimbio.

Katy Perry admitted to not wait to launch her ​​perfume it. "I can not wait to introduce it. They are very sweet, sweet dreams and pink ice creams kittens!"