Personality Characters Users a Tiny Bag

hobo bag
Hobo Bag

If you read 'Le Sac', a book published by the French bag expert, said the favorite form of bag you use reflect your personality. There are hidden characters users a tiny bag, hobo bag, satchel bag or clutch bag.

Here personality characters users a tiny bag, as quoted from Female First:
Hobo Bag
If you're a fan of large bags and practical, then you are someone who has many hobbies and interests. Curiosity about many things is the most prominent.

Owner hobo bag has lots of ideas. However, be careful, you have to stay focused to achieve your goals. Although it has a myriad of creative, fan hobo bag too quickly discouraged and disappointed by failing to concentrate and not achieve the desire.

Satchel Bag
Women handbag lovers this model is a perfect blend of a gentle but firm. Impression of a soft bag is enough to emit a warm and friendly vibrations. And at the same time the owner would appear to be firm and generous but can not be utilized.

Fans of this sling type bag is usually a dreamer, with big ideas and lofty goals. When you build a desire in a mature plan, they will see the end result is pleasing.

The owner is fond of traveling bags without the burden of many goods and know exactly what they desire. The existence of a scarf or small items in the bag showed the owner a friendly and loyal.

Clutch Bag
Women who like clutch is the one who felt that a process is the most important thing. Generally, they will become stars in the talks on confidence and become role models in favorite things.

Women are often clutching clutch like Sarah Jessica Parker indicates a loyal and trusting and has a value in life and a good friend.

Bowling Bag
Bowling bag model is the best friend in the face of a busy day, full of meetings, picnics or outdoor activities. Fans of this bag implies someone who is strong in life.

Unique character of the owner of this bag is to avoid the crowds. Although it has no desire for a classy and expensive goods, they do not mind if you have a chance to express themselves.

Type the owner of this bag is the one who loves and has many friends. You are a figure that will be remembered wherever and reached out to anyone in need.