Angelina Jolie wear Batik


Batik fashion is cultural heritage of Indonesia, batik should be maintained and developed for the continuation of many parties. And, they are most commendable is the batik designer. One fashion designer who is concerned with batik is Edward Hutabarat.

In the Edward eyes, the maestro, title by Edward to the pebatik-worth upheld because they are able to produce valuable work through the hard work for months.

"I never dreamed that Angelina Jolie would wear batik while attending a red carpet event. Because for me, behind the scenes of batik is very great where the maestro used to sit eight hours a day without rest, work on a single sheet of fabric in many months. This Indonesia is a portrait of heritage, the women empowerment!," Edward said in a press conference Reflections, 30 Years Edward Hutabarat Work in Sampoerna Strategic Square, Jakarta, Wednesday (27/07/2011).

To that end, Edward hoped batik is not just a trend, but can last longer.

"I do not pebatik, I am not a businessman batik, but I am part of them, batik is in my heart. To understand Indonesia, we must be smart. Imagine, in the cloth they scraped wax little by little to become what we know now. So , batik should be long lasting," he concluded.