Goldilocks Perfume Purr Katy Perry

katy perry
Katy Perry

Famous singer Katy Perry complete line of celebrities to release a fragrance products. Wife of comedian Russell Brand has just released a perfume labeled Purr. Chanter "Fireworks" is give perfume label such as 'Goldilocks', and an excellent fit with Katy Perry personality.

The singer who came to fame through the song "California Gurls" that claimed that people could tell from the first time they sniff the perfume has the scent of "sweet" and complete with its wild, loving, loud, friendly, and fun.

"It's like 'Goldilocks', this perfume is not too soon to be forgotten. Basically I want people to see in a perfume bottle I think, 'That must be the perfume Katy Perry,'" said Katy is quoted by Femalefirst, Thursday (7 / 7 / 2011).

Since the launch Purr in Canada, like the songs, design perfume Katy Perry was ranked first on a weekly basis.

"This (Purr perfume) has been out for nine weeks, and was ranked number one for nine weeks," said Katy.

Katy Perry also give advice on how best to wear perfume.

"I usually spray the perfume as walked. I never spray directly on skin. I've heard that you should not spray directly on skin. So it makes you not so into the center of attention, because everyone knows that sometimes when a woman entered in the room, she could smell like a grandmother," Perry added.

Uniquely, the perfume Purr is packaged in bottles shaped cat. Not unreasonable, Katy Perry intentionally resemble a cat-shaped perfume bottle for easy portability.

"I will go to department stores around the world and see what's on the shelf. I remember some Galliano perfume shaped snowballs made ​​me think, 'When I released the perfume I just want to keep it in a coat, because it's such a nice little bottle'. Katy Perry concluded.