How to choose wedding rings sets

Wedding rings sets should be chosen into careful way since you will wear them for the rest of your time. Rings also have the symbol into three things, first for your

wedding rings sets

Tricks wearing a collar necklace

Tricks wearing a collar necklace. Yes, could be a trend in the 80's, necklace jewelry shaped collar or collar necklace is now back loved. Of course, the design of a more

collar necklace

Kim Kardashian the worst dressed celebrities

Hello fashionblogku fans, Do you believe if Kim Kardashian as worst dressed celebrity? In fact, Kim Kardashian is known for fashion style its fashionable. But who would

Kim Kardashian dressed

Dior temporary tattoos with layer 24 carat gold

Hello fashionblogku readers.. If you are a tattoo lover, certainly will not lose to spend up to USD 150 for temporary tattoos. Because the tattoo made ​​Dior with

Dior temporary tattoos

Marks & Spencer using female models with actual body size

The fashion industry has always depict women with body shape is sleek and sexy. But in fact, women around the world has a different body shape model that always graced

female models

How to sell discount bridesmaid dresses

Discount bridesmaid dresses could be sold and it is a great way for you in order to make extra money. In fact, you only use it once but then it would be eager for you to

discount bridesmaid dresses

Blake Lively style when relax

Blake Lively style when relax. For women, stylish in every occasion is important, similarly when relaxed. Relaxing does not mean performing original and cool. When you

Blake Lively style

Makeup trend in Paris fashion week

[caption id="attachment_459" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Paris fashion week"][/caption]Makeup trend in Paris fashion week. After New York, London,

trend in Paris fashion week