Lady Gaga wearing Blue Lipstick

Several ways you can do to indicate a condition, either by appearance or way of dressing. If you are experiencing feeling sad, anyone can show it by wearing a black shirt or display sad look on face. However, not so with Lady Gaga.

lady gaga lipstick
lady gaga lipstick

This controversial singer actually exhibit a blue color lipstick. With a bold move, Lady Gaga wearing blue lipstick in New York, Monday (October 10, 2011), local time.

It was a view that will make ordinary people look like zombies. But as usual, the owner's real name is Stefani Germanotta was confident with her appearance. Thus was launched from Dailymail, Monday (October 10, 2011).

With a pink dress and floral color matching high heels, lipstick neon colors on her face a blank expression makes Lady Gaga again be the center of attention.

Blending the colors pink and purple, as well as high heels towering Christian Louboutin, as well as oriental-style cap on her head into a complementary Lady Gaga appearance.