Anna Freemantle Model appearing on Catwalk after Birth

Fashion model Anna Freemantle surprise when her fellow models appearing on the catwalk. Not because her body has changed, but Anna Fremantle had just given birth to a baby boy, nine days earlier.
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Anna Freemantle says, women do not have to choose between being a housewife and a career. Therefore, the first thing she thought after giving birth to her baby boy is back on the fashion model

Anna Freemantle Model

Unique way to Eyes so Narrow by Vogue Editor

If you want have narrow eyes. Try a unique way to the eyes so narrow by Editor of fashion magazine Vogue, Anna Dello Russo. She pulled the skin on both ends of the eyes of a model named Crystal Renn to the back, then held it with plaster. Russo did for the sake of a photo shoot for Vogue Japan.
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In the hands Russo, round eyes Renn became more narrow. Games shading and makeup

Eyes so Narrow by Vogue Editor


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Floral Motifs in Fashion Trend 2012

Actually have several motifs that appear on every catwalk fashion, floral motifs, including one of a timeless motif. This motif has always been a favorite of women who love feminine side.
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Simple dresses studded with flowers either small or large decorate the walls of famous storefront boutiques.

Jil Sander, Givenchy and Erdem provide new touches on a sprinkling of flower motifs in design.

Floral Motifs

Alexa Chung be Host Fashion Reality Show

Alexa Chung a fashion model was several months of vacuum from the world of fashion, talented young model will again present the fashion show autumn color.
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Alexa Chung may have pocketed a lot of experience in the model, one of which featured as the cover of Vogue magazine, June 2011. But the fashion world get more attention from fashion model and also television presenter on this year aged

Alexa Chung Fashion

Miss Universe finalist in Swimsuit session

Miss Universe finalist from Indonesia, Nadine Alexandra, are following the Miss Universe 60th in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Before leaving for Brazil, Nadine had said she would not wear a bikini in the swimsuit session.
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Nadine Alexandra was fulfilling that promise. In the photo posted on the page, Nadine looked wearing one piece swimsuit. While the majority of the contestants from

Miss Universe finalist

Cheryl Cole follow Lady Diana Fashionable Footsteps

[caption id="attachment_142" align="alignright" width="230" caption="Cheryl Cole fashion"][/caption]Cheryl Cole same as Lady Di? Actually people who love British empire was still upset after Simon Cowell comparing the former star of "X Factor" Cheryl Cole to Lady Diana. Why like that?

Simon Cowell claims that Cheryl Cole the former reality show judges are often called Geordie had the same impact on the British public like Lady Diana, one of royal family members.

"She's like Princess Diana

Cheryl Cole Fashionable

LeAnn Rimes wear Bikini in Beach

LeAnn Rimes celebrate the anniversary with her family while vacationing at the beach. Beach to precise locations for LeAnn Rimes through the addition of age. In her two piece bikini lavender, LeAnn Rimes looks show off sexy body.
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If any other public figure with a pick through anniversary with held luxurious party, not so with LeAnn Rimes. Blonde-haired woman that just choose to spend time with

LeAnn Rimes Bikini