Beauty Model in Fashion Show

We can see beauty fashion model through an annual event titled 'Sao Paulo Fashion Week Summer 2012', a number of fashion models waddle showcased latest creations designers from Brazil.

In stage of fashion show most prestigious in South America, they look attractive with a bandage summer collection of Samuel Cirnansck, Animale, and Tufi Duek.

One of the show in that fashion show is a top Brazilian model, Alessandra Ambrosio, who breezed in summer dress Colcci collection.

Eyelashes Peacock Feather Motif

We are know if Eyes are the Soul windows. Therefore eye makeup has become an integral part of the interface. False eyelashes became an alternative to obtain beauty eyelashes instantly.

Want a different look with false eyelashes while hanging out with friends? A striking patterned false eyelashes are present for lovers of the unique makeup. Unlike false eyelashes that normally only extend eyelashes, lashes extra length has a similar design with a unique peacock feather motif.

Not only that, these lashes will give off light when the wearer was in a dark room. According to the manufacturer, Kroylan Cosmetics, eyelashes will create the glamorous and exotic to the wearer.

Unique Clothes from Cheese

Hi .. Do you know if clothing made ​​from meat that bind Lady Gaga body while performing at the MTV Video Music Awards be a scandal in the fashion world. Yes, despite the controversy, that Lady Gaga clothing that inspires the creation of unique garments made ​​from another element.

From the idea Lady gaga dress is unique clothes, a number of students from Bath Spa University poured their unique creations in the form of dress design made ​​from cheese.

They create five dress with nearly a ton of different kinds of cheese, especially cheddar cheese. Dreamy white dress colored cheese for example, displays the sexiness of the wearer.

Fashion Trends be Dominating by Color Block Purple and Orange

This year, color block is dominating fashion trends. With a wealth of plain colors of scattered light, a number of designers to try out the game hit the color. Blending the color purple and orange in a work compelling.

Just consider a collection of Spring/Summer 2011 Gucci fashion house that wear Kim Kardashian at the launch of new perfume in London.

The game crashed the color purple and orange are also shown by Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress that Jessica Alba is pregnant body on the night CFDA Awards. Also tops and pants that bind rample sexy body Cheryl Cole while X Factor auditions in Los Angeles last May.

Later, a combination of colors that had 'hits' in the 1970's it appeared in a number of international fashion stage. Contrast color body wrap similar model in a number of international magazine covers.

Celebrities Style when Carrying Body Bags


If you intends to add a collection bag for travel and holidays in the summer? We recommend that you identify your body shape. Grooming and appearance during the holiday season, more trendy when carrying a bag that matches the body shape.

If you do not have a particular taste, you can copy the world celebrities style such as Blake Lively, Olsen Brothers, Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian.

Consider some options according to the form body bags as quoted by Betty Confidential:
Curvy body
Curvy woman should choose a slim bag that can carry in arms or carry in addition to the waist. Brightly colored clutch bag with additional jewelry in the hands of Kim Kardashian, making it appear brighter. Same as bag in Khloe Kardashian when traveling. She carry simple bag at airport, see the picture.

Environment Protest with no Clothes in London

Last week, streets in London in the morning until late afternoon turned into a sea of ​​environment protest. The protest action took place is unique, because all participants 'demonstrated' with no clothes while riding a bicycle around major roads at London.

This action is part of 'World Naked Bike Ride', which requires the support of the environment and reducing car usage and fuel oil.

About a thousand bike participants naked depart from Hyde Park and walked nine miles through Buckingham Palace. Organizers suggest, for protesters to wear as little clothing as possible when cycling.

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