Feminine wear Victoria Beckham New Collection

victoria collection
Victoria collection

Recently Victoria Beckham has established as a fashion designer. Under the theme of Victoria fashion house, the wife of footballer David Beckham has issued a new collection for spring 2012.

Simple dresses in bold colored dominate her collection. Unlike the previous collection of precious relatively expensive, the newest collection of Posh Spice set with pocket friendly prices, between £ 375 to £ 995.

Previously, fashion designs Victoria Beckham women who were pregnant is quite expensive. For one dress, customers must spend three thousand pounds.

Lily Cole have Brains and Beauty as Fashion Model

Lily Cole

Beauty fashion model Lily Cole has been breaking the views that had been prevailing in the society, that a general model-brained fool. This red-haired girl proves herself a fashion model that could have brains and beauty.

Not only good at showing off her sexy body in her red lingerie that intersected unique, but he also recently received his first degree History of Art at Cambridge University. So that was quoted by The Sun on Thursday (30/04/2011).

In a new pose, the British model showcases designs of three young designers who competed got Triumph's Inspiration Awards. The winner will earn the cash prize of approximately 13,500 pounds, equivalent to Rp187 million and took the opportunity to have their designs sold around the world.

Charlotte Casiraghi Wear Gucci Collection

Charlotte Casiraghi

Recently, Gucci label announced it will collaborate with the athlete returning riders, and the grandson of the original Princess Grace of Monaco, Charlotte Casiraghi. Through this collaboration, Charlotte Casiraghi during the next year returned wearing Gucci collection, including the Global Champions competition 2011.

The label has an exclusive 90-year-old is indeed close to the equestrian world. That caused Gucci successfully reflects the classic elegance of the equestrian. Horseman own collection designed by Frida Giannini as Gucci Creative Director who launched the collection with a special function and structure of the athlete.

"I really liked the Frida collection designed for me a year ago, and now I love the new design is much longer. The best in fashion and sports," said Charlotte as reported Dailymail, Wednesday (29/06/2011).

In an interview with Vogue, Frida said, Charlotte is one of 15 fashion icons. Frida explains, Charlotte Casiraghi as a modern royal family without too much effort to look fancy in clothes that contemporer.

Kirstie Alley Confident wear Tight Dress

kirstie alley body
Kirstie Alley Body

Recently after overweight, Kirstie Alley is now much more streamlined. Proud of the changes in body form, Kirstie do not hesitate to flaunt at every opportunity.

Kirstie Alley as starring Rebecca Howe in the series "Cheers" is to look confident to leave the Greenwich Hotel, Tribeca, New York wrapped in a tight dress dark gray. Roland Mouret dress design. Dress price for 1220 pounds was pertaining to the leopard motif high heels and bracelet gold chain.

The actress who was busy following the event "Dancing with the Stars" reveals the efforts that her diet helped weight loss program, Organic Liaison.

Unique Dress with Pens

Dress crystals or dress decorated with gems may be many on fashion. But, what about the dress reigns hundreds of pen?

Steven Tai, the fashion elite school students in Britain, Central St Martins, creating a unique dress with a pen point 795 is seated. Do not stop there, the whole pen is connected with wires and a small motor, thus making the clothing can vibrate.

This dress is shaped A-line which is equipped with a rectangular panel at the dress. Have metal ore, particularly in the front of the dress. This work is actually the result of collaboration between Steven Tai and creative technology experts, John Nussey. They created a dress for the final show.

"We see a number of different ways to make beans pen and how to connect using a wire. Steven has a wonderful idea and we should try to make the nib has an 'impact'," Nussey said, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

Indonesian Islamic Fashion Fair

fashion fair
Fashion Fair

Ways to globalizing Muslim fashion, events Islamic Fashion Festival held back. With the theme "Moghul Splendour", the splendor of the Moghul in India in the 17th century, the event held in Bandung was a success. How about the Indonesian Islamic Fashion Fair?

Apparently, Indonesian Islamic Fashion Fair also not remain silent to realize a plan to make Indonesia as a Muslim fashion mecca of the world in 2020. One of them, Muslim fashion show at the prestigious event like the exhibition show in Paris.

"We once every three months training. In addition, the Indonesian Islamic Fashion Fair will hold exhibition show in Paris, December 20 to 27 next," said Chairman of the Central Association of Indonesian Fashion Designers Entrepreneurs Taruna K Kusmayadi when talking with via mobile phone, Monday (6/27/2011) as quoted from Okezone.com.

Not only that, the man who was familiarly called Nuna was also sure, Indonesian Islamic Fashion Fair will join in the Islamic Fashion Week, the international arena commensurate Hong Kong Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week even.

Steps to Clean Silver

silver jewelry
Silver Jewelry

If you have silver jewelry, don't let the silver rings, bracelets, necklaces or your silver earrings look dull. Sheen silver jewelry can fade if you do not regularly clean it.

To clean it, quite easily. You can do it yourself at home. Just prepare tools, silver cleaning cloth, cleaning liquid silver, silver cleaning paste, fluffy towels dry, warm water and a soft brush.

Then, follow the steps to clean silver, which was launched from Realsimple.com
Rinse with warm water
Prepare a warm water in the container. If indeed you are quite a lot of silver jewelry, provide water in a container rather large. Then, gently rinse the jewelry with warm water.

Some Types of Shopper


For fashionita, shopping is not just a hunt for fashion items, buy, and pay or swipe a credit card. Fashionholic decision to buy or add to the collection of certain goods is influenced style.

According to the survey conducted by American Express, which released the report 'Spensetter', there are several types of shopper spend money. Each has a motivation and a different way of shopping.

Here are some types of shopper:
They redesigned the goods they buy. After buying bulk goods, the buyer will be cut and make clothes that depict their characters.

Wear Legging, Christina Aguilera Looks Comfortable

Christina Aguilera fashion

Christina Aguilera seem like legging. In fact, great legs become less unsightly because of these fashion items.

Singer Christina Aguilera was wearing leggings when walking into a studio in California on Friday (24 / 6) afternoon local time.

Se did not look stylish because Christina combine it with some accessories that are not commensurate, such as cream colored high heeled shoes with silver detail on the front and a red hat.

Leggings are more familiar in the legs makes the Aguilera body singer of "You're So Beautiful" is not pleasing to the eye. However, Christina looks comfortable and not distracted show off any lumps of fat pitch at her feet, smiling broadly. Similarly, as reported by Dailymail, Saturday (25/06/2011).

Indeed, although the weight is experiencing a surge, Christina Aguilera is not afraid to show off her body. The proof, recently she posed almost nude for the cover of W magazine

On the cover is, Christina's body covered only by a white silk cloth and a bunch of red roses. Chrstina Aguilera looks a little slim because the airbrush, cunning photographer, and lighting supports for photography.