Black Wedding Dress Vera Wang

black wedding dress

Sometimes black wedding dress is the most taboo thing to use the bride. Worn black dress of the bride is considered as if creating an atmosphere of mourning and burial.

As opposed to the tradition, the new design, featuring a collection of Vera Wang wedding dress with black domination. In her collection, Vera Wang broke the rules of wedding dress style with a series of black wedding dress at Bridal Fashion Week in New York.

Designers who designed three wedding dress Kim Kardashian, including Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez, Chelsea Clinton and Avril Lavigne, featuring dresses in her thick shades of gothic clothing made from organza, tulle and chiffon. None of the wedding dress that she release using the classic white color.

As quoted from the Daily Mail, widely influential designers in the fashion world celebrity wedding gowns dresses play with dark colors like gray, pale mint, even black.

Although the dark color of wedding dresses lately re-emerged in popularity among white and ivory wedding dress colored like black and red is not something new.

Queen Victoria popularized white wedding dress trend when she married Prince Albert in 1840. Previously, brides wore gowns of various colors.

Many brides in the western world brocade gown of white embroidered with silver thread on a blue dress and yellow as well as practical color like brown, gray and black. While brides in other parts of Europe and other parts of the world uses the red dress.

When Queen Victoria chose a white gown for her wedding immediate delivery wedding dress new fashion trends. The white color is used plural nobility at that time to indicate a status symbol. In the late 19th century, white wedding dress has become the choice of wedding dress in almost the whole world.

Turtlenecks the style of dress Steve Jobs

turtleneck Steve Jobs
turtleneck Steve Jobs

In fact Steve Jobs is famous for many things, the Apple II, Macintosh, Pixar, iMac, iTunes, iPod, iPad, and even more recently, the iPhone 4S. But from the eyes of fashion, Steve Jobs is famous for the consistency of his style, a combination of Levi's jeans and black turtleneck.

The question then arises of course predictable, why a black turtleneck? The answer is easy, because Steve Jobs had a lot of black turtlenecks. In fact, a lot of news popping up lately, it is said that the collection of turtlenecks Jobs to 100 pieces.

Stories about Jobs's iconic style choices are also recorded in a biography titled "Steve Jobs" written by Walter Isaacson. Isaacson takes more than two years of interviews, both with Steve Jobs and the family, friends and colleagues a man whose full name is Steven Paul Jobs. One of the stories of successful is about the style of dress Steve Jobs.

The origins of the black turtleneck Steve Jobs began in 1980, when Jobs was in Japan. At the time, Jobs asked the Chairman Akio Morita, Sony's why everybody in the company using the uniform. Morita said that after the war, no one has clothes for work and the company must give them clothes to wear every day and from year to year. Uniforms were then create a separate identity for Sony employees. Then, Jobs said, "I decided to do the same thing, to strengthen the relationship between fellow Apple employees."

Sony, at that time oust the famous Japanese designer, Issey Miyake, designing uniforms for its employees, a multifunctional nylon jacket that can be converted into a vest. On the recommendation Morita, Jobs also see Miyake and argued that he needed a vest design for all Apple employees.

"I came home with samples from Issey Miyake and told everyone that we will use the uniform and for the first time I shouted. Everyone turns to hate the idea," said Jobs to Isaacson.

Even so, it turns Steve Jobs and Miyake relationship continues. Even Jobs is often visited Miyake. From there later Jobs got the idea to create a "uniform" for himself. "The reason that rational," Jobs said simply.

"Because I like something that is practical for my everyday use, then I ask Issey turtlenecks make me some as often he used. I like his style turtlenecks, "said Jobs.

No warning, then send Jobs Miyake turtlenecks in large quantities. "I have enough to wear my lifetime," he joked. Jobs apparently it had already fallen in love with a turtleneck, then in addition to wearing a turtleneck design Miyake, Jobs also often buy their own collection of his black turtleneck, and not from any brand, but St. Croix worth USD175 turtleneck made of cotton and microfiber.

Style Icon
Steve Jobs are a practical style with a combination of a black turtleneck and denim pants, in fact many people imitated, and not just limited to Apple lovers. Jobs in the day died, Knitcratf reported a black turtleneck sales doubled. Even as an expression of sympathy condolence, Knitcraft donated $ 20 to the American Cancer Society for each of turtlenecks sold.

Sales of "turtleneck Steve Jobs" which instantly rocketed it caused many who want to wear a "uniform" to pay homage to Jobs, including celebrities. Until now, Knitcraft mentioned, the flow of consumers who order a "turtleneck Jobs" has not been broken. At least there are 1,000 people booked through Facebook.

Steve Jobs may be the IT leaders who raised turtleneck as a style statement. However, history can be traced to actual turtleneck the 15th century. At that time the turtleneck is a type of clothing that is often used by sailors, who often worked in the middle of the sea wind. However, some reference also shows that British society turtleneck widely used to make the neck stay warm while biking.

From clothing to army uniforms sailors, now turtleneck into clothing all ages and walks of life. Start children to adults, can be sure to have at least one turtleneck in their closet.

The material is also now not limited to wool, but much more diverse. Some are made of thin Lycra so it can be used as clothing in, some are made of layered heavy wool to ward off the cold.

Lady Gaga use Special Hat in Latest Video Clips

lady gaga hat
lady gaga hat

Sensational singer Lady Gaga back to make a breakthrough in performance. This time, the cap parabola be unique in exhibiting the Lady Gaga appearance of action for the fans.

Not Lady Gaga if not spectacular, and kicked off the world stage. There is always a fantastic display nicks, both when attending the event or "perform" on stage. And recently, the appearance that acted strangely in filming the Lady Gaga latest video clips can be enjoyed by the fans next month.

In the video clip, owner's full name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta use a special hat that resembles a parabola designed to make it look trendy. Chanter song "Born This Way" is filming a video for "Marry The Night in Harlem" in New York. This is the fifth single from her second album, as released Dailymail, Monday (October 17, 2011)

In that view, Lady Gaga was seen wearing a red dress with a fairly complicated piece. Parts of a long-sleeved tops, while the bottom is a half-length shorts with thigh. As a sweetener, a long scarf wrapped dangle down to the floor with beautiful layering decorate such strange fashion.

Strangeness of the more visible because the singer looks 25 years is enclosed entirely by a parabola-shaped hat that looks very heavy. Just a little Lady Gaga eyes look out from behind the hole is accidentally perforated cap to see the circumstances around her needs.

Not only that, it looks increasingly strange looks because of "styling" blond hair cut short and slightly bleached and pale lipstick color choice blue which decorate the lips. However strange and complicated appearance, keep watching Lady Gaga fashion sense is very subtle in appearance. It show through "stiletto" black increasingly her beauty in the video clip.