Determine an Artificial Bag is Authentic Designer Handbag or not

Artificial Bag
Artificial Bag

In fact, Fashion is an industry prone to plagiarism. Thus, in some countries, selling fake fashion goods is considered a crime.

The rise of sales of clothing, footwear, handbags and counterfeit goods have been troubling the designers, especially those selling online. In the U.S., sales surge in counterfeit branded goods via online reached 42 percent in 2010. And growth is expected to be higher.

Piracy and counterfeiting of goods is generally the well-known brands such as Chanel, Louis Vitton and Tiffany. As a result of counterfeiting, manufacturers of fashion is ever sued number of parties who sell fake goods as their brand online.

Angie Houston, founder, a website that offers designer handbags and other designer goods call for a dozen years increasingly difficult to distinguish where the original and counterfeit goods. Still, there are some disadvantages of designer goods 'lame'. "There is no bag that can actually mimic the original," he said as quoted by Shine.

He thinks there are some things that can be explored to determine an artificial bag is authentic designer handbag or not. Here are some of determine an artificial bag is authentic designer handbag or not:

- Hardware
Zippers, clasps and and closing, should all have the same color, except the artificial Chloe bags, which often makes use of complementary-colored mixture. Make sure the zipper open and close smoothly.

- Stitching, shape and symmetry
Branded bags are generally not glued, except maybe your wallet. The original Louis Vuitton handbags usually use the monogram canvas, and the symbols are usually sewn like a mirror on the right and left. Gucci and Fendi also started doing the same thing since taken over by LVMH. Make sure the bag you see a pattern and the same shape as design drawings by designer.

- Writing and logo
Logo writing the correct spelling, each carving or writing arise (emboss) should look neat and accurate. Instruction book has no misspellings or photocopied.

- The smell of leather
Bag from genuine leather skin should have a scent, not glue, rubber or chemicals.

- Stay away from websites 'seller designer handbags'
Many manufacturers of bags that have their own outlets and online stores. If you see a website that is run not by the producers themselves, worth very expensive and can buy multiple pieces at once, be careful.

- Price
Be careful when viewing the price of the bag. If the original branded handbags usually Rp7-10 millions, but if someone offers a cheaper price, the bag can be sure that you buy a fake.