Bare Foot Shoes is Trend

bare foot shoes
bare foot shoes

Actually running with barefoot is scientifically proven to be healthier than wearing shoes. Not surprisingly, a lot of sports shoes now to mimic the foot with the bottom layer that is thinner and dedicated space for each finger.

But if the sports shoes a minimalist who is now the trend is really beneficial to reduce injury to the wearer?

Researchers from the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse, top U.S. Sport Council sponsors 16 women studied. Everything recreational runners aged 19-25 years to spend two weeks using the shoes 'bare foot' which is very light. They also use regular shoes from the best selling brand for 20 minutes a day three times a week.

Then, the experts analyzed the forms, and due to the use of regular shoes and boots bare feet. The researchers found that half of women are turning to sports shoes minimalist bare feet or shoes can not find the same shoes as their feet shape, so that its use raises risk of damage to the body. However, after adaptation, can reduce their risk of heel pressure. Studies also show, wearing traditional running shoes create excess pressure on the back foot, especially on the heels of an increased risk of injury.

Cedric Bryant, chief researcher of the U.S. Agency for Sport said the importance to get shoes that fit so that the shape of the foot is slowly switching from traditional shoes to barefoot shoes.

"Do it slow and steady approach," he said. "Instead of running in accordance with the habits and your speed, give yourself time to adapt to a new style using a minimalist shoe," he said.

He suggested to replace the shoe with a minimalist shoe, do a brisk walk rather than run directly. This is to shorten the step and landed at the feet of the front focus, not the heel. Dr. Bryant stated, it took 4-5 times a week until they can adjust to these changes.

Although minimalist shoe may reduce the risk of injury, runners with shoes that do not traditionally do not complain of injuries need to change their footwear. "If you're not injured, do not change anything. However, if the injury continuously, you may need something more than the shoes," he said as quoted by the New York Times.