Beyonce spend a lot of Money to Shopping Fashionable


For shopping a fashion, women is champion. But about the hobby in a short time, Beyonce Knowles experts. Evidently, the wife of singer rapper Jay-Z was able to spend USD $15000 in 90 minutes while visiting the two stores on Oxford Street, London.

In fashion, sexy body Beyonce did not want to miss the fashion trends. Like other Hollywood celebrities, Beyonce frequently updated appearance always fashionable. In fact, she was willing spend a lot of money to make it happen.

Singer of "Crazy in Love" spent 9000 pounds in 90 minutes. First, when they travel to Topshop boutique, Beyonce spent 5000 pounds within 50 minutes.

Then spent 4000 pounds while shopping at the Bowery, New York, once owned by renowned designer fashion stylist Patricia Field. There, Beyonce who shop with her ​​husband and her mother (Tina Knowles), spent 40 minutes.

While at the boutique, Beyonce was seen buying a bra in black with a sprinkling of diamonds. It may be that the bra will serve as a complement to one of the supporting performances when on stage, or just worn to support an intimate moment with her husband. So that was quoted by The Sun on Wednesday (07/13/2011).

During the shopping session, Beyonce several times seen getting into the locker room and ask advice to her mother and husband.

"It's like Pretty Woman shopping scene. When she came out, everyone was stunned by the speed she chose clothes," said a source.

"When Beyonce was in a display of shoes, the faster she shopped. She obviously loves shoes," added the source.