Fashion of British Star

Shona McGarty
Shona McGarty

Event of Inside Soap Awards 2011 enlivened by a number of young British star who reportedly is ready to replace Kim Kardashian, Beyonce Knowles, and a long list of other names. Who British star looks like?

Earlier this week, peak evening awards Inside Soap Awards 2011 was startled by the appearance of a line of talented young artists who look stunning London. They like competing to show the most beautiful gown of all time.

Starting with a group of stars, starring Jacqueline Walford Jossa, Shona McGarty, and Danielle Harold is ready to pose on the red carpet event held on the stage Gilmesh, London.

Jacqueline Jossa (18), who plays Lauren Branning, looked stunning in a short black dress and towering red high heels designer Vera Wang. While Danielle Harold who is also aged 18 years, actress Lola Pearce, dispose of masculine style for a very sexy dress asymmetrical black holes at the waist and high heels ala Mary Jane.

Unlike the characters portraying in the film, Shona McGarty (19), looks very pretty in her cream-colored chiffon dress fashion design house Paccini, paired with matching heels with a slight yellow color accents, and long wavy hair that is broken down around her shoulders.

Pose the three intentionally separated even though they come together. This is done for a decent personal images on display for one of five awards at this event.

Other artists the opportunity to "fight" the girls cast Corronation Street above is Brooke Vincent and Sacha Parkinson who appeared in a dress themed sapphire stones.

Brooke (19), who plays Sophie Webster in the movie, appears wearing slinky little black dress that showcased her curves. She looks much different from the character of portraying troubled teens because clever "play" on a slightly developed hairdo and make-up made sexy.

Meanwhile, Sacha (19), who acted as her lesbian lover Sian Powers, choosing long-necked red dress from the Channel. This dress makes it look very mature.

Furthermore, there is Michelle Keegan's most steals the attention because she was wearing a dress. Naturally, if he had been named as the Sexiest Female in three years.

24 years old artist who has been engaged to Max George's look good with black ruched dress while posing while holding such an award.

When compared with the style of Hollywood celebrities, the young players from England almost able to match their makeup. Llike Chelsee Healey that seems inspired by the style of dress Beyonce Knowles.

She appeared wearing a short dress of materials combined with the flickering Jersey swarovski crystals. Her curls, she let loose so that it displays the sexy 19-year-old woman.

British fashion observer who is also editor of Inside Soap, Ella Joana, say, looks almost like Beyonce Chelsee.

"Just a little more mature, she can be as successful as her idol," she said.

Then, there is Ella Ryan who look nice using a short knee-length dress paired with black silhouette lines in the chest. This dress mentioned similar to the dress once worn Kim Kardashian.

Maybe she is a big fan of Kim, has not been established. What is clear, wavy hair flowing long enough to enchant thousands of pairs of eyes who attended the event.

As for which is equally interesting is the attention of Nicola McLean. She wore elegant long white dress fashion designer Alexander McQueen's house.

This style looks oriented style of Kate Middleton Duchess of Cambridge, who liked to explore on the touch line which is simple yet elegant.