Katy Perry newest Perfume is Meow

Katy Perry perfume
Katy Perry perfume

Several times ago, Katy Perry asking her fans to guess the name of a perfume that would soon release, Katy Perry says it chose the name of a cat-themed perfume.

On the Twitter account, Katy Perry announced, perfume named 'Meow'. Cats is one of the beautiful animals that are often associated with the feminine side and her sexiness. The plan, perfumes go on sale in November.

"Some of you guessed, right? Newest perfume is Meow! Perfume is very sweet and inspiring a magical place, CANDYFORNIA! #Meow," said Katy Perry eagerly on Twitter, @katyperry.

Katy Perry chose the theme of cats to name her newest perfume as a manifestation of her love of cats. Cat-shaped perfume bottle designed by the scent of apples, green bamboo and Bulgarian roses.

"Meow is very sweet-scented and inspired from a place of magic, CANDYFORNIA," she said as quoted from Zimbio.

Katy Perry admitted to not wait to launch her ​​perfume it. "I can not wait to introduce it. They are very sweet, sweet dreams and pink ice creams kittens!"

Lady Gaga wear dress motif fans face

Lady Gaga fans
Lady Gaga fans

In the previous show of with garbage bag dress, recently Lady Gaga appeared with pictorial dress motif the face of fans. With this action, it seems the singer of "Born This Way" it knew very well the importance of fans in Lady Gaga career.

As part of the Viva Mac Glam ad campaign, 25-year-old singer is using a dress depicting the fans face. To that end, thousands of fans have sent their photos before the campaign was made.

The work was given the logo of The Masterpiece was created by designer Lady Gaga, Nicola Formichett. Nicola is the creative director Thierry Mugle to France.

Nicola is a very creative printing faces of the fans Gaga in a cloth. She produces sleeved mini dress with one-shoulder and asymmetrical cut. Face patterned cloth was also made into a platform high-heeled shoe type. Thus quoted from Dailymail, Friday (October 14, 2011).

In her latest video, Lady Gaga showed her excitement to the dress. While dancing, dress illustrated some of the faces of fans waved it helped. Meanwhile, in another video clip, Lady Gaga along with Nicola was sitting on the couch, and lip gloss lipstick to Nicola.

Pleased to be involved in addition to the Viva Glam ad campaign, Lady Gaga also proud to help others. The reason, the sale of Viva Glam lipstick from MAC will be donated to the AIDS foundation.

"I always liked the Viva Glam campaign, and always admired the union of fashion and lifestyle here (ad campaigns). Now to help people and bring people together to raise awareness of AIDS, mainly because we focus on women. I think this is a good way to talk about AIDS awareness. I feel blessed to have been part of this campaign," Lady Gaga said.

Since joining the MAC in 2009, the singer of "You and I" this has helped increase the income of 55 million USD for the MAC AIDS Fund. Lady Gaga joined the MAC following in the footsteps Elton John, Cyndi Lauper and Mary J. Blige who has been spokesman for the previous ad campaign. While Ricki Martin and Nicki Minaj will join the MAC project, next February.

Lady Gaga wearing Blue Lipstick

Several ways you can do to indicate a condition, either by appearance or way of dressing. If you are experiencing feeling sad, anyone can show it by wearing a black shirt or display sad look on face. However, not so with Lady Gaga.

lady gaga lipstick
lady gaga lipstick

This controversial singer actually exhibit a blue color lipstick. With a bold move, Lady Gaga wearing blue lipstick in New York, Monday (October 10, 2011), local time.

It was a view that will make ordinary people look like zombies. But as usual, the owner's real name is Stefani Germanotta was confident with her appearance. Thus was launched from Dailymail, Monday (October 10, 2011).

With a pink dress and floral color matching high heels, lipstick neon colors on her face a blank expression makes Lady Gaga again be the center of attention.

Blending the colors pink and purple, as well as high heels towering Christian Louboutin, as well as oriental-style cap on her head into a complementary Lady Gaga appearance.

Kate Middleton Wedding Dress in Exhibition at Buckingham Palace

Wedding dress made ​​from Alexander McQueen label broke the record. In the exhibition held at Buckingham Palace, Kate Middleton wedding dress to suck up to 600 thousand visitors.

Kate Middleton wedding dress
Kate Middleton wedding dress

Spectators came from all over the world and managed to collect a fund of 10 million pounds from the sale of tickets.

The funds will be used as a maintenance fund in the royal art collection at Buckhingham Palace. The exhibition of wedding dresses Duchess of Cambridge was also the most visitors managed to break the record, beating the highest visit to Buckingham Palace in 1994, reaching 420,000 visitors.

To enter the exhibition space, each person must purchase a ticket for £ 17,50. A spokesman for Buckingham Palace said the funds collected from ticket sales will be used for maintenance of the royal art collection.

"However, not all, some of the funds we get from ticket sales will also be donated to the foundation designated by the Duchess of Cambridge," he said as quoted by the Telegraph.

Furthermore, the spokesman said, when giving permission for her dress on display, the Duchess of Cambridge to make sure some of the funds raised will be donated to charity.

"Kate Middleton and Prince William already has a list of foundations that will accept donations," he continued.

With regard to the number of record breaking exhibition visitors the most visitors, the exhibition curator Caroline de Guitaut said, "We really enjoy the flow of visitors who had never dropped out to see Kate Middleton wedding dress. This is the busiest month and we are very happy with the success of this exhibition."