Fashion Festival in Jakarta

fashion festival
Fashion Festival

Fashion Festival in Jakarta was held for the 14th time before the student graduation courses and 3-year International Diploma in Fashion Retail Business. Hundreds of works of 54 students will be demonstrated throughout the event, including kids clothing collections.

Before finally held a fashion show and passed, as many as 46 students a course of 3 years Diploma with specialization in International Women, Men, and Children's Wear and eight male and female students Business Fashion Retail Esmod showcase their work on "Concept Boutique Exhibition". Clothing slick on display in the hallway of The Pacific Place, Jakarta is a collection that was going through the external judging by the fashion experts, such as designers, fashion editors, professionals in the garment and textile companies, as well as retail businesses.

External judging itself has a percentage of 75 percent of students passing score that includes assessment of the design and creation. Terms of assessing the suitability of the design concept with six pairs of clothes designed. While in terms of creativity techniques to assess the collection, ranging from the pattern, cutting, sewing, to finishing.

One of the jury, Fashion Designer and Fashion Director of PT Dimoda Linea Mas well as Chairman of the Central Association of Indonesian Fashion Designers Entrepreneurs Midshipman Kusmayadi admitted impressed with the design of Children's Wear students Esmod Jakarta.

"In a way, some of the presentations collection of ready-to-wear and wear them enough to make me amazed. But, surprisingly! Kids wear his very creative. The students really animates how a child can not stand wearing a hot clothing materials such as polyester. In terms of colors, textures, and designs, the students really explore very deep. That's what makes me really amaze," said Midshipman as quoted at the Cafe Betawi, The Pacific Place, Jakarta, Monday (06/20/2011).

Added Taruna, the students also do not forget to add innovations on the clothing of children the results are quite astonishing.

"They also emphasized the unusual innovations. Jackets, for instance, can turn the function into a bag, small bag can turn the function into large bags, belts marsupial, and patchwork hand workmanship. In my opinion, between concept to creation, good relationship, "he explained.

Esmod Fashion Festival, the 14th will take place four days, ie 20 to 23 June 2011 at The Pacific Place, Jakarta, which will showcase approximately 250 students from this year's dress in the theme of "Ground Zero".