Victoria Beckham receive Hall of Fame Headwear


Hat be accessory of supporting appearance that is always reliable, especially among European nobility. In fact, headwear is still a fashion device that is often used by people, including celebrities at various prestigious events.

Look Lady Gaga, Victoria Beckham, LL Cool J and Kid Rock, who often appeared with a hat, highlighting they trademark. This turned out to make them have the honor of The Headwear Association (THA) for entry in the Hall of Fame Headwear, for contribution to promoting the art aspect of a hat.

Each year, The Headwear Association gives awards to six people for their contributions to promoting the accessory head. "Six people are selected to enter the Hall of Fame Headwear, known for often wearing a hat and have a positive influence on the evolution and popularity of the accessory head," statement The Headwear Association, as quoted by NY Daily News.

Make the head still looks stylish accessories in a variety of era's is primary mission of The Headwear Association. As did Victoria Beckham, she received this honor because it often displays a collection of hats at fashion show of her work.

Then, the reason Lady Gaga received this honor because she often performed with the hat having a certain unique in various types and sizes. Meanwhile, Kid Rock, of course, because the cowboy hat or fedora model characteristic appearance.