Special Gift for the Beyonce child

gift for Beyonce Pregnant
gift for Beyonce Pregnant

Hollywood celebrities Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z was happy. Both recently celebrated seven months pregnant with their first child. Infant couple celebrity is certain to become one of the child surrounded by a variety of luxury goods.

Kelly Rowland is also her partner in Destiny's Child says it will give a special gift for the Beyonce child. Not intentionally, Rowland said would reward her friend with a pink bathtub decorated with swarovski crystals equivalent of U.S. $ 5200-7000 USD.

According to Kelly Rowland, even though baby is something very awaited her parents, the child is not spoiled her parents. However, a special gift will not make Beyonce disturbed. "I'm very happy for my sister's happiness. They're happy now," she quoted from Jezebel.com.

Beyonce is not directly announce her pregnancy at the MTV Video Music Awards held in Los Angeles, August 28, 2011 last. Wearing a red dress, the singer who will be the age of 30 years was seen holding her belly bulge.