how Kate Middleton recycles her clothes?

Do you think Kate Middleton expert to recycle? As fashion icon, Kate Middleton style always imitated. Who would have thought, owner brunette brown hair was expertly recycle the contents of her wardrobe. With her talents, the wife of Prince William received a new label as the 'Queen of Recycling'. So that was quoted by Femalefirst, Friday (26/08/2011).
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Not only because of her perfect style, but her

Kate Middleton clothes

Fashion Label with a prison number Nelson Mandela

You are know? a prison number of former South African President, Nelson Mandela, was very famous. In fact, by Beyonce Knowles, the number "46,664", converted into a song called when she was performing at the concert Nelson Mandela Foundation in 2003 and was greeted by the guests.

This time, Nelson Mandela Foundation is creating a fashion label with a prison number. It is a tribute to Nelson Mandela is a hero racial discrimination.

Fashion collections are manufactured by companies from

Fashion Label

Pre-Wedding Photos with Ghost

Shooting intimate photos before the wedding (pre-wedding photos) to be a trend in recent years. A touch of creativity of the bride or the photographer often create a series of images that invite a smile.

Consider the photographs of pre-wedding lovers from California, Juliana Park and Ben Lee. Because include zombies or ghosts, pictures of them a warm conversation in the virtual world some time ago.

Uploaded to the internet since mid of this month, the photos have prompted thousands of

Pre-Wedding Photos

Find Discount Voucher and able to Haggle

People who love discount rated saves millions to tens of millions of dollars annually. The reason is because they are able to haggle.

In tough economic times, the activity of the bargain has changed. Initially a hobby has now become an obsession. So many of us take advantage of the discount voucher and sale.

Survey of 2,000 people found that nine out of 10 people who are financially independent using a voucher or find discount items. They depend on the bargaining as a result of tighter

Discount Voucher

Behind Lady Gaga Fashion Style

Various fashion accessories like dress the meat, lobster hats, leather corsets, rubber dresses are the quirky dresses that are often wrapped body singer Lady Gaga. Controversial style has an important role in the course of her musical career.
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Dress madness apparently not separated from the role of the brother, Natali Germanotta. A novice fashion designer 19 years of age who had just completed his

Lady Gaga Fashion Style

Earrings Slave on Vogue Fashion Magazine

[caption id="attachment_101" align="alignright" width="220" caption="ethnic earings"][/caption]Recently Vogue Italia condemnation after the release of an article titled 'Earrings Slaves' on its website. Famous fashion magazine accused of shameful efforts by make glamour slavery black women in America, the past.

In an article published August 5 that displays the images following a round earrings fashion editor Anna Bassi review the trends related to women's jewelry, as quoted from the

Earrings Slave

5 Ponytail Style an appropriate for Face Shape

Actually ponytail hair seem to be a trend that never fade. But unfortunately, not everyone can choose the style of ponytail that conforms to the shape of her face.

Therefore becomes important to recognize your face shape before choosing a haircut that will be applied. "Not all face shapes appropriate to use a variety of ponytail styles," said Paul Edmonds, celebrity hair stylist, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

Paul suggested to pull the hair back and look at your face shape of the mirror.

Ponytail Style

Substitute Ximena Navarrete is winner of Miss Universe 2011

[caption id="attachment_93" align="alignright" width="271" caption="Ximena Navarrete"][/caption]Title and crown Miss Universe who used Ximena Navarrete will change to another beautiful woman on 12 September. Substitute Ximena Navarrete is the winner of Miss Universe 2011.

Miss Universe 2011 competition has begun to follow 89 contestants from all over the world. Starting Sunday (21 / August) yesterday, they began to follow the quarantine until the evening peak at the Credicard Hall, Sao

Ximena Navarrete

Lady Gaga appearance with a Hat

[caption id="attachment_87" align="alignright" width="205" caption="Lady Gaga hat"][/caption]Famous singer Lady Gaga is always got own style. Chanter "Born This Way" was always different, weird, and other unique than others. Having previously appeared in a latest video clip, "You and I", now Lady Gaga show appearance with a hat.

Women 25 years it was expertly packed appearance from head to toe. After a few times wearing a headdress that is unique, ranging from lobster to the roses, now Lady

Lady Gaga Hat