Christine Walton as the owner of the longest fingernails in the world

Christine Walton
Christine Walton

Finally Christine Walton reap the sacrifice of her discomfort she felt during the last 18 years. Woman from Las Vegas, United States, it earned the accolade as the owner of the longest fingernails in the world and recorded in the Guinness World Records 2012 book which was published on Thursday.

Christine Walton managed to grab the top spot in the world's longest fingernails owners today. Overall, the Walton nail has a length of 6.02 meters, with the right nail length 292.1 cm and 309.8 cm nail of her left hand.

Despite having long nails with a nail outside the normal length, in a video as quoted by, Christine Walton can still use cell phones and do household chores such as ironing clothes.

World record holder for longest fingernails ever, Lee Redmond, a tragic traffic accident in 2009 which caused her to lose her title.

She survived a car accident, but have lost the title owner of the world's longest fingernails, because the nails are never cut for 30 years she had broken in the incident.

Alyssa Campanella championed win Miss Universe 2011

Alyssa Campanella
Alyssa Campanella

Most of 89 countries are now hoping the representatives win Miss Universe 2011 beauty pageant. In the poll, contestants from the United States championed win.

For the first time, Miss Universe Organization to introduce the poll for the fans. They could choose a favorite contestant who will be directly won seats to the semifinals. The result, Miss USA 2011, Alyssa Campanella, occupying the top position in the top ten contestants choice of a fan in Miss Universe 2011 beauty pageant.

Women 21 years old from New Jersey will become the only hope for the people of the United States to get the Miss Universe crown this year, such as Brook Lee once won 14 years ago as Miss Universe 1997.

The winner of Miss Universe 2011 will be announced just one day after the 10th anniversary of the tragedy of 9 / 11, and Alyssa will give the best gift to the American people, if she wins. Alyssa herself had impressed judges at the Miss USA pageant this year, not only with beauty, as well as intellect. Similarly, as quoted by IBTimes on Monday (9/12/2011).

The final night of Miss Universe 2011 will be held in Sao Paulo, Brazil on 12 September. The contestants will compete in three categories, including swimsuit, evening gown and interview. Later, Miss Universe 2010 Ximena Navarrete will remove the crown to her successor.

Miss Universe Facts Unique

Miss Universe
Miss Universe

The Miss Universe contest is always interesting and spectacular. In the event universe pageant, which began in 1952, there are also facts fun and unique. What are the Miss Universe Facts is Unique?

1. United States Luck
United States could be the most fortunate country during the Miss Universe organization. The reason is, because the United States has won the contest and won the title of Miss Universe as much as seven times, eight times is ranked second, and six times in third.

2. Success in politics
Miss Universe 1981 from Venezuela, Irene Saez, instead developing her career in politics. She once ran for President of Venezuela in 1998. Earlier, former beauty queen of this universe had themselves elected mayor of Chacao in 1992 and became governor of Nueva Esparta in 1999.

3. The first winner of African countries
Mpule Kwelagobe, from Botswana, is a contestant from the first African countries won the title as Miss Universe. She received her crown in 1999.

4. awesome costume
United States is the country that most often gets the title of Miss Universe. But, in terms of costumes, Colombia is the champion. The country most often won the title of Best National Costume Award, as many as six times.