Huda Naccache is First Arab Model for magazine Covers featured Bikini

Huda Naccache
Huda Naccache

Recently Yara Mashour take big decisions. As Chief Editor of Lilac, Arabic magazine based in Israel, he challenged the customs and traditions. On the cover of the new edition of the magazine there are portraits of female models clad in bikini.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, the magazine featuring the figure of Huda Naccache, models 22 years of Arab descent and Israel from Haifa. Wrapped in a black bikini with white shirt draped over her shoulders, her eyes stared at the model reader.

Yara says, "Huda is the first Arab model for magazine covers featured bikini-clad Arabs. For a decade I continue to work to fight for the lives of Arab women in order to have more rights and freedoms in the Middle East."

Huda Naccache was feeling proud as someone who voted Lilac imaged as a strong and amazing woman. "I'm very proud to be the first to (wear a bikini on the cover of Lilac)," she said. "I am a professional model and this should be considered normal."

However, Huda Naccache did not deny he originally hesitant to accept it. She was well aware of the limits taboos and norms of local communities. "But, after seeking approval of a parent, I became bold and confident. I'm not afraid of a girl who took the first step, and open up opportunities in other Arab models, to represent the liberal and independent women young Arabs."

Lilac editorial policy was clearly to invite controversy. Lilac is the first magazine in the Arabian Peninsula to break the taboo. Dared to show bikini-clad woman on the cover.

"Since I founded the Lilac in Israel 10 years ago, I broke the taboo about women in society. I work for the empowerment and freedom of women," Yara said. "I want to start a new concept about the Arab woman who dared to break the social taboo, and show their physical beauty in public."

Lilac, that being secular, became the most popular magazines Arabs in Israel and read at a number of Arab countries. Women's magazine is written in Arabic, with English language insertions. "Because the new and younger generation prefer to read English," says Yara.

Yara expect positive policies will provoke discussion, not a disaster. He was conscious during this taboo in Arab media featuring the shoulders, knees. and backs of women, especially women's bikinis. "The government will probably do the censorship and banning of this outstanding magazine. A number of Arab countries like Lebanon should not make the ban, because I think they are very free."