Lady Gaga seeing New York Giants game at Stadium MetLife

Lady Gaga new York Giants
Lady Gaga new York Giants
We all know if Lady Gaga love to appear eccentric with weird clothes and controversial action. This time, the famous singer was re-confirmed its existence by wearing the dress while watching a baseball game at the stadium MetLife.

The owner's real name Stefani Germanotta was caught on camera was seeing New York Giants game and poured champagne from her glass onto the floor. Lady Gaga seemed lifted her champagne glass, then decided to no longer drink wine and pour it over the floor.

Wearing a bright blue cap bearing the logo of NY, 25 years old singer looked out of the field of sports games wearing a black dress made of PVC with necklines decorated with accessories and a black balloon skirt nets.

Native New Yorker is a sport the United States and the popular singer was blonde. Completing the look with red lipstick and a pair of sunglasses, Lady Gaga strange back in action throughout the game. Chanter "Poker Face" looks to celebrate the birthday boys at the moment.

"Happy Birthday Brandon. Love, Gaga. We love you," wrote Twitter account @#Giantsgame quoted from Dailymail, Wednesday (09/21/2011). This explains the reason she poured champagne on the floor.

According to the New York Post, Lady Gaga dispose of champagne to the fence in front of her and trickled down to the bench reserved for the fans of baseball with the condition of disability.

But before decide to throw champagne on the floor, Lady Gaga seen watching the match in which New York Giants beat the St. Louis Rams. She looked serious and was accompanied by a male friend wearing blonde blue hat just like her.

Sensational action is not the first time she did, Lady Gaga also been several times strange action at sporting events.

Regularly, often went Lady Gaga sporting events in the Big Apple. And last summer, she made headlines when wearing a bra and panties studded accessories. In addition to these actions, Lady Gaga asked to leave the stadium the New York Yankees because of the entrance to the club and drank whiskey, then talk to the players.