Lara Stone photo in GQ magazine

Lara Stone
Lara Stone

Appear vulgar is nothing new to Lara Stone. After a few times in action nud3 in famous fashion magazines, she is now showing off her curves and flirty. This time, Lara Stone the Dutchman model appeared no clothes in GQ magazine.

Supermodel who has become the iconic Calvin Klein and Givenchy were not ashamed to show action while posing nud3. Precisely British comedian David Williams's wife was seen enjoying every moment that lasts.

However, Lara Stone revealed that she found it difficult to cope with the pressure as a model when condemned by fans on social networks, related actions are pleased to pose nak3d.

When she posed for GQ magazine photo shoot, Lara Stone admitted will be clothing with just a fur coat, it does to maintain decorum.

In front of the camera, Lara Stone gave a fleeting look naughty poses with poses showing off sexy pout. On the other pose, she's covering her breasts with fur coat while posing on the beach.

However, winning the title of "Woman of the Year" version of GQ magazine, admits struggling with negative comments about her appearance.

"It hurts when you're having a tough day and someone said, 'She's so ugly, I will not let my dog ​​near her," said Lara was quoted Dailymail, Friday (September 23, 2011).

Photo Model born December 20, 1983 is also talking about one of Calvin Klein ads, when it was driving the Bentley convertible.

"I can not drive. The car was mounted on the truck, and I should be driving. It's hard to drive it when my hair was tied up. We ended up not taking photos of the action, and it was perfect, except my hands have never been on the steering wheel. I feel like idiot," she explained.

Like the other models who take part in the film industry, Lara Stone also said she wanted to be involved into the acting.

A source says, "The name Lara Stone has been touted in a casting meeting for Austin Powers 4, and there is talk that the boss wants to make it for a screen test, especially after she talked about comedy."