Fashion item to Stylish while Holiday

Nothing missed of the fashion appearance even though holiday moments. To stay stylish while enjoying a holiday with your family, this is the tips to keep stylish that can be tried.

Look stylish at this time not only a mere image, but has entered the veins in women. No wonder the show though casual, stylish look remains a necessity. The difference is, someone will not play all out like the day off, where stylish become a demand of the profession. While on vacation, usually people will appear more relaxed without leaving the impression with the use of trendy fashion items mainstay.

Well, to create your best appearance while on vacation, here are fashion item you must have to keep Stylish, as reported by Idiva.

Large handbag
The shape of this bag like a travel bag. You need to carry this bag as much luggage you are carrying. With a spacious, you can bring all the equipment freely, ranging from sunscreen, sunglasses, and some of the items your makeup.

Kim Kardashian almost Feel wear High Heels

kim kardashian high heels
Kim Kardashian High Heels

We are know Kim Kardashian is a beauty celebrity who likes to wear high heels. Moreover, Kim Kardashian engaged to a basketball athlete Kris Humphries that make it more like high heels. Unfortunately, the incidence of new thrilling experience. Because the heels are too high, Kim nearly fell. Yeah ... this is true!

Approaching wedding day, star of reality television "Keeping Up With The Kardashian" This certainly does not want a fracture in the ankle, because Kim Kardashian looked almost fell wear heels shoe are too high.

Goldilocks Perfume Purr Katy Perry

katy perry
Katy Perry

Famous singer Katy Perry complete line of celebrities to release a fragrance products. Wife of comedian Russell Brand has just released a perfume labeled Purr. Chanter "Fireworks" is give perfume label such as 'Goldilocks', and an excellent fit with Katy Perry personality.

The singer who came to fame through the song "California Gurls" that claimed that people could tell from the first time they sniff the perfume has the scent of "sweet" and complete with its wild, loving, loud, friendly, and fun.

"It's like 'Goldilocks', this perfume is not too soon to be forgotten. Basically I want people to see in a perfume bottle I think, 'That must be the perfume Katy Perry,'" said Katy is quoted by Femalefirst, Thursday (7 / 7 / 2011).

Since the launch Purr in Canada, like the songs, design perfume Katy Perry was ranked first on a weekly basis.

Important Thing when Choose Wedding Ring

wedding ring
Wedding Ring

Choose a wedding ring on the famous jewelry shop are more comfortable. But, sometimes with a casual design, the ring price can be very expensive.

In fact, you can create your own design and choosing materials appropriate budget in order to get a unique wedding rings. In order for you and your partner get a wedding ring fitting and more personal, consider the important thing when choose wedding ring, which was launched from Yourtango.

- Avoid pre-set diamond
After the diamond mounted, very difficult to be rearranged. The most important part and expensive rings are diamonds. Instead, you choose first, then select settings on the ring.

Personality Characters Users a Tiny Bag

hobo bag
Hobo Bag

If you read 'Le Sac', a book published by the French bag expert, said the favorite form of bag you use reflect your personality. There are hidden characters users a tiny bag, hobo bag, satchel bag or clutch bag.

Here personality characters users a tiny bag, as quoted from Female First:
Hobo Bag
If you're a fan of large bags and practical, then you are someone who has many hobbies and interests. Curiosity about many things is the most prominent.

Owner hobo bag has lots of ideas. However, be careful, you have to stay focused to achieve your goals. Although it has a myriad of creative, fan hobo bag too quickly discouraged and disappointed by failing to concentrate and not achieve the desire.

Rachel Weisz be new Bulgari Icon

Rachel Weisz

This year Rachel Weisz to be the new face of Bulgari perfume Jasmin Noir. Daniel Craig's wife is also undergoing a photocall advertising campaign was photographed by Mert Atlas and Marcus Piggott.

British women Rachel Weisz who married stars "James Bond" the last week will represent the top brands Bulgari through advertising campaigns that began in August 2011.

According to WWD, photo shoots done in a work room that presents a feeling of "Seductive and sophisticated".

Auction Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry Collection

Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry
Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry

You must know if Elizabeth Taylor name is not only synonymous with Cleopatra, but also diamonds and jewelry collection of the famous around the world. Collection of jewelry, art items, and fashion's famous actress who died on March 23 because heart failure will be exhibited and then auctioned off by Christie's auction house began in December.

Before the auction took place, Christie's will present a ten day exhibition at his gallery at Rockefeller Center, New York, which will be opened on December 3, 2011. Furthermore, in an official statement to the media mentioned, other than Liz Taylor jewelry collection exhibition, the Christie's Auction House also will do a world tour from September to several important cities, like Moscow, London, Los Angeles, Geneva, Paris, Hong Kong, and Dubai.

"Not only exhibition and auction, a portion of the income generated by the auction also will be donated to Elizabeth Taylor's AIDS foundation," said Christie's spokesman, as reported by Reuters.

Pamela Anderson Lingerie Collection

pamela anderson lingerie
Pamela Anderson lingerie

Beautiful celebrity 44-year-old and has two children, Pamela Anderson still include sexy woman. Evidently, the former star of "Baywatch" was posing sexy and seductive to show off her lingerie collection.

Women who familiarly called Pam was showing off her sexy body in her stockings and basque, like corset to her lingerie line. Pamela Anderson is also a model of black and white underwear from her own line of lingerie. So that was quoted by The Sun on Monday (04/07/2011).

Regarding her new gait launch lingerie collection, Pamela Anderson reveals why it to the Popcrunch.

"I made a line of lingerie and products that are really sexy and things that me and my friends love to wear it," Pam explained.

By Pamela starred in action of her lingerie collection, fans of the beach drama of the 1990s would agree if Pamela Anderson still has a very sexy body when wear lingerie.

Clarks Shoes is Legendary Boot

boot shoes
Boot Shoes

In the trend 2011 of high heels and flats, boot slipped through the leg appearance of some fashion lovers. Despite the various modifications that are created, boot fans will certainly not ignorant of the shoe classic design of Nathan Clark's: Clarks Desert Boots.

Nathan Clark who dies last week, started the creation of the legendary boot it from a military camp in England, in the 1940s, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

Beginning in 1941, when Nathan served as an officer in the Royal Army Service Corps. The idea revolutionized the footwear community suddenly appeared in his head. Incidentally it includes the famous clan businessman shoes, Clarks.

Kate Middleton wear Local Fashion Designer

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton as new style icon is not only displayed while in her country. During visit to Canada, Kate performances also in the spotlight.

Kate Middleton won the hearts of Canada people because wear local fashion designer. In total, there are three pairs of shirts and three pairs of shoes are prepared during the first tour to a foreign country with Prince William as the royal couple.

Upon leaving England with the Canadian Air Force jet, Kate appeared with buttoned blazer gold color. Blazer USD 920 is a design Smythe les Vestes from Toronto, part of a tribute to the host. Kate Middleton perfected it with Manolo Blahnik stilettos. Kate also carries Mulberry bags price USD 1440.

Palazzo Pants Trend in Fashion 2011

palazzo pants
Palazzo Pants

In Fashion 2011, popularity skinny pants seemed to be shifting wide-legged pants or palazzo pants, who returned to action in the world fashion stage. Raising the name of Michael Kors, Dries Van Noten, Jil Sander, and Marc Jacobs.

Popularity palazzo pants in the fashion world could not be separated from the role of Coco Chanel. Combines practicality and style, Coco Chanel develop designs pajama pants became a fashionable outfit for everyday activities.

Palazzo pants increasingly popular when Coco Chanel wore during the trip by riding a gondola in Venice, 1920. Entering the 1930's, made of lightweight pants waving it to be excellent among Hollywood celebrities.

Trends in fashion are always arise to sink. Having had time to fade, re-fueled popularity palazzo pants in the 1960's through the creation of Biba and Ossie Claek. And, apparently soon flying with a touch of the new style that creation of designers in the summer of this year.