Batik Papua has different Ornamentation


Last time ago UNESCO has launched a batik as an object of cultural heritage was produced by Indonesia. Therefore, batik not only from the island of Java, from the tip of the country were the clothes that one can be found. Even to Papua, batik has become part of the hallmark of this area of ​​eastern Indonesia.

Designers from Papua, Jimmy Hendrick Afaar explained, batik Papua has different ornamentation. When are generally decorative motif is a symbol of tradition, in Papua motive precisely adapted from a typical cultural product area.

"Papua has a lot of interest so that we can make a variety of unique batik motifs. Each tribe has a uniqueness that can be told in a piece of cloth," said the designer from Papua, Jimmy when found in Grand Indonesia, Thursday (07/14/2011).

Furthermore, men 52 years reveals, papua, contemporary batik fabric looks different from other batik.

Fashionita Paris Hilton looks Barbie Doll

paris hilton fashion
Paris Hilton fashion

Beautiful Fashionita Paris Hilton showing its dark side in a photo shoot for V magazine that dramatic. On the issue of V magazine "Transformation", Paris Hilton looks a barbie doll style Dominatrix.

In the pose, Paris Hilton looks sleek but still maintains its slogan, "hot". Heiress of Hilton Hotel network position themselves as a barbie doll. Appearing half topless, Paris posing pouting for the camera.

With a stiff face, Paris Hilton wearing heavy make-up looks different than usual. Dress ornament comes smokey eyes, a woman who had just broken up with nightclub owner, Cy Waits was showing off her sexy body in her black dress a spider's web that invisibility cloaks and equipped.

In a question and answer session, she told how she grew diligently went to new clubs and quickly get the status of a "socialite".

Beyonce spend a lot of Money to Shopping Fashionable


For shopping a fashion, women is champion. But about the hobby in a short time, Beyonce Knowles experts. Evidently, the wife of singer rapper Jay-Z was able to spend USD $15000 in 90 minutes while visiting the two stores on Oxford Street, London.

In fashion, sexy body Beyonce did not want to miss the fashion trends. Like other Hollywood celebrities, Beyonce frequently updated appearance always fashionable. In fact, she was willing spend a lot of money to make it happen.

Singer of "Crazy in Love" spent 9000 pounds in 90 minutes. First, when they travel to Topshop boutique, Beyonce spent 5000 pounds within 50 minutes.

Then spent 4000 pounds while shopping at the Bowery, New York, once owned by renowned designer fashion stylist Patricia Field. There, Beyonce who shop with her ​​husband and her mother (Tina Knowles), spent 40 minutes.

Nail Polish can Describe wearer Personality

nail polish
Nail Polish

Recently nail polish color choices are very diverse. Starting from the plain to which is equipped with gliter.

Not just a complement appearance, choice of nail polish colors can also describe your personality. Of the many colors, you definitely have one favorite color of nail polish. Here are colors of nail polish and the picture of the wearer's personality, as reported from

- yellow
Yellow is the color of nail polish that is usually worn women brave super trendy. Choice of yellow nail polish is usually chosen by women who have unique tastes. Cheerfulness is also inseparable from herself.
"He could be a little bit bohemian rebel personality as well as rockers," says Ginger Johnson, one of the founders of the company nail polish + Ginger Liz Colour Collection.

Kate Middleton appearances in BAFTA Event

Kate Middleton appearances as fashion icon are always steal the show. Whether she is attending the event casual or formal.
Kate Middleton appearances
Kate Middleton in Red carpet
Like last night, when Kate Middleton strolled the red carpet with Prince William to attend the BAFTA (The British Academy of Film and Television Arts) in Los Angeles, United States. Kate Middleton appeared dressed in elegant designs from the fashion house Sarah Burton Alexander McQueen.

Last Thursday, the dress was caught on camera being taken by Canadian troops to be embedded into the plane. It was the color of the dress is not too clear. But the silhouette looks if that is the dress Kate on the night of BAFTA event.

Apparently, lavender-colored dress is soft and very accentuate the classic style of her dress. Pieces of the neckline is quite open, but made ​​more polite form.

Adorned with glittering silver belt, seems to function accentuate the curve of Kate body at once luxurious and formal cause complaining. Daughter of the title Duchess of Cambridge was also wearing more accessories than usual.

Miranda Kerr after Birth posed for Instyle Magazine

miranda kerr
Miranda Kerr
Beauty model Miranda Kerr always radiates star charm in fashion stage. A week after giving birth, she did not force herself to keep its charm.

A week after giving birth, Victoria's Secret Angel posed for the cover of Instyle magazine Australia. Miranda Kerr is still sexy and stunning in gold Greek-style gown. Piece fell right below her neck and lower chest that showcased her feet.

Although the claim was not afraid to change her after giving birth, Miranda Kerr obviously had a little trouble getting her body as before.

"(Flynn) is a big baby, 4.5 kg at birth, and I thought, 'I've got a lot of desire in addition to modeling. I still accept myself now if I had a healthy child. It's comparable," Miranda told, as quoted from InStyle magazine.

Shakira launch Fragrance Products for Confidence Women


Beauty singer Shakira was complete line of celebrity who launch fragrance products. Colombian singer is launching a sensual aroma, S by Shakira that will inspire different feelings in people who kiss it.

Chanter "She Wolf" it makes perfumes inspired different feelings in everyone who kissed it. The owner of this fantastic body was surprised to see the connection between creating a perfume by writing songs.

"After making first debut perfume, S by Shakira, I became interested in the possibility of expressing emotion through the perfume," Shakira said, was quoted by Femalefirst, Monday (11/07/2011).

Furthermore, this blond woman reveals how to express happy through the fragrance.

Lady Gaga Eccentric Fashion in Australia

lady gaga dress
Lady Gaga dress

Not Lady Gaga when the eccentric singer comes to a country with a mediocre display and did not want to be seen. Lady Gaga dress appeared excited when it landed in Sydney, Australia.

Sunday (10 / 7) morning local time, this eccentric star coming wearing a white long dress sweetened black belt with confidence. Gaga dress attached to her body with puff detail at the sleeves.

Women whose real name is Stefani Germanotta combine them with black high-heeled shoes, black sunglasses white-rimmed, and black gloves along the elbow.

Unique Design in Beyonce Perfume


Now, Beyonce live be more star. She is success as famous singer and having succeeded with a perfume labeled 'Beyonce Heat'. Beyonce a sexy singer will soon issue a new perfume products.

Beyonce who won 16 Grammy Awards and a Golden Globe, said the smell in her new perfume created by the questions her fans. The women, says Beyonce, always told her song making women stronger and more confident. And some states give them inner strength.

Beyoncé considers the creation of music, and perfume are very similar. It takes a long process of finding the right ingredients for making perfume. It just needed to write a song with a harmonious composition when it comes to combining words and music.