Red color Trends in Emmy Awards

lea michele emmy award
lea michele emmy award

You are know .. Red color trend seems will never fade in 2011. The proof, the Primetime Emmy Awards looks Red by a number of celebrities who came.

"One of the hottest fall color is red, and the stars do not miss it on the Emmy red carpet this year," said style expert, Sam Saboura, pointing Lea Michele, Kate Winslet, Nina Dobrev, Kerry Washington, and Adrianne Palicki.

Even Allan Cumming chose bold colors on his pants and tuxedo. In addition to red, the other bold colors are a favorite color is blue and worn by Cobie Smulders, Claire Danes, and Amy Poehler.

Design a dress was in the spotlight. If previously, sleeveless dress to make the artist look elegant and beautiful. This time, the artists chose sleeveless dress without hiding the beauty of hand. Just look at the appearance of Michele Poehler and Gwyneth Paltrow, or Kate Winslet and Christine Baranski is a show with sleeveless dresses responsibility.

There is also Laura Linney, Melissa McCarthy, Loretta Devine, Jayma Mays, and Mayim Bialik, who appeared with a long-sleeved gown. "The arm of the dress is a great way to show off the beauty of their hands," he added.

Although it look more attractive, the choice of the long arm of the dress Mayim Mialik not based on reasons of fashion alone. She chose to wear long-sleeved dress for religious reasons. "I'm Jewish, I wanted to cover my body," said the artist 'Big Bang Theory'.

Of course there are some exceptions. Christina Hendricks dress looks not suitable for class events Emmy Awards. "Too much sparkle would seem ludicrous for an Emmy Awards event. The dress should be maintained for larger events. The silhouette is simple without excessive accessory would be very appropriate for this event," he added.

Buono way was enough to attract attention to the earrings are made of metal AK-47. "These earrings are made of metal AK-47 in Africa, and the money from the sale of these earrings will fund the destruction of weapons in countries like the Congo," says the actress. (source: Reuters)