Unique Necklace made of Human Hair


We are know hair is the crown and symbol of female beauty. In the hands of Middlesex University student, Kerry Howley, hair becomes a different and unique fashion accessories. He made a necklace of braided human hair.

Kerry Howley, a University student who majored in jewelry making necklace from his friend mother hair and create a common design on the wallpaper as inspiration.

Such as other necklaces, Kerry put the necklace of hair along the wearer's neck.

Regarding the unusual necklace piece, Kerry stated, the wearer can feel ambivalent on the same material. Depending on which side they see it.

"These necklace made ​​of human hair, the material that we know and be proud of. However, after the hair loss, I saw that everyone was going to throw it. I intend to use it and make it exciting again," Kerry said as quoted by Female First.

"I hope to create a balance between feeling reluctant and appeal."

Because the materials and unique necklace design, Kerry succeeded in bearing the title of champion from the Museum of Design and Architecture Arthur Silver in 2011.

The necklace collection will be displayed alongside jewelry works of other students on a jewelry designer exhibition Middlesex University 2011.