Fashionita Paris Hilton looks Barbie Doll

paris hilton fashion
Paris Hilton fashion

Beautiful Fashionita Paris Hilton showing its dark side in a photo shoot for V magazine that dramatic. On the issue of V magazine "Transformation", Paris Hilton looks a barbie doll style Dominatrix.

In the pose, Paris Hilton looks sleek but still maintains its slogan, "hot". Heiress of Hilton Hotel network position themselves as a barbie doll. Appearing half topless, Paris posing pouting for the camera.

With a stiff face, Paris Hilton wearing heavy make-up looks different than usual. Dress ornament comes smokey eyes, a woman who had just broken up with nightclub owner, Cy Waits was showing off her sexy body in her black dress a spider's web that invisibility cloaks and equipped.

In a question and answer session, she told how she grew diligently went to new clubs and quickly get the status of a "socialite".

"I moved to New York at age 15, and receive invitations to various clubs and parties, so socialite's life open to me. That's where everything changed. I do not listen to them, I do what I want, and the rest just past," Paris Hilton said quoted from The Sun on Wednesday (07/13/2011).

Paris Hilton also told how she could be a reality television star of "The Simple Life".

"They asked me for the character like Green Acres and Clueless. For me it's comfortable, because I used to be shy and hide behind that character," she explained.

"While on my new television show, 'The World According to Paris' I could use my voice. I liked it, because it shows the real me, as a businesswoman. I want to show what it was like in my world," she continued.

In Paris Hilton latest television series, blond-haired woman was admitted to be a barbie doll that resembles her.

"I'm fun and very brave. I do not imitate anyone. I was barbie doll of my own," she said.

Not only that, she also told me about a style icon admired.

"I always admired Marilyn Monroe, because the camera loves her. Audrey Hepburn, because it's so classic and Kate Moss. I've also always admired Martha Stewart and Oprah Winfrey," Paris Hilton concluded.