Most Stylish Pregnant Artist

victoria beckham pregnant
Victoria Beckham Pregnant
While pregnant did not prevent the world female artist to appear fashionable. As a fashion of former Spice Girls, Victoria Beckham fashionable.

Appearances wife of footballer David Beckham is always stylish and still wear high heels while pregnant. Wrap dress did show that Victoria was a lover of fashion.

Mother of three sons was always wants to look perfect for every occasion. Starting from clothes, shoes, accessories, to carefully chosen, so that it can "cover up beautifully" the belly bulge.

Pregnancy is now for the fourth time for Victoria Beckham. She was very capable of adjusting to show her best performances, including during pregnancy.

No wonder if she received the most stylish pregnant artist. The score reached 34 percent and ranked top of the results of polls conducted by the British fashion retailer, After Victoria Beckham, Holly Willoughby is the favorite to two with a score of 28 percent.

The results of this poll think, that those chosen to be a woman pregnant with a play style is characteristic of an intelligent woman looking for casual occasions. They also unified frontier reliably perform the right pregnant clothes.

Holly Willoughby, who gave birth to her daughter Belle on April 14, praised for her style is still sexy when pregnant on the show "Dancing on Ice". And do not miss the fashion choices of thumb during the day, but still look stylish.

Emma Bunton, Spice Girls, are also good at choosing clothes pregnant and has her own style. She won 15 percent votes, followed by TV presenter and model, Myelene Klass who votes 12 percent.

"Considering she is a designer and style icon, it would be like Victoria Beckham precise position on this poll. She always looked up to in every occasion and wear pregnant clothing with a very stylish," said a spokesman from, as quoted from the Daily Mail.

Meanwhile, Holly Willoughby, Emma Bunton and Myleene Klass, who were undergoing second pregnancy, so knows how to combine the style of dress while pregnant with their activities. With a toddler and their children are aware that the color of light will ruin the appearance. Especially, when the dirty hands accidentally touch the fashion clothes while walking to the park, zoo or the beach.

"They are all cleverly combine footwear models with various fashion and successfully demonstrated at other pregnant women how to dress the right way while pregnant. To be, not look too fat and has a lump in the abdomen," said spokesman

Here is a list of poll results the most stylish pregnant artist:
- Victoria Beckham - 34 percent
- Holly Willoughby - 28 percent
- Emma Bunton - 15 percent
- Mylene Klass - 12 percent
- Jessica Alba - 5 percent
- Natalie Portman - 3 percent
- Mel B. - 2 percent
- Pink - 1 percent