Sleeveless Jacket be Trend Fashion 2011

First Sleeveless jacket designed by Charles II in 1966, now sleeves jacket back to be trend fashion in 2011.

Just look at the models that waddle down the catwalk showing off sleeveless jacket famous designer, Stella McCartney, Preen, and Yves Saint Laurent.

A number of top artists was no doubt helped enliven Sleeveless jacket trend. Call it the Cheryl Cole, Rihanna, Kate Bosworth and Sarah Jessica Parker. Wear sleeveless jacket, they celebrity seemed to want say goodbye to the jacket sleeves.
sleeveless jacket
If you want to wear sleeveless jacket? Consider the following guidelines:

- Imitate the model demonstrates the sleeveless jacket combined with simple tank top, neutral-colored cardigan and pencil-shaped trousers.

- - Use a belt to give added shape.

- Show off the shoulder can form a sharp silhouette. So, soften with things feminine, like a pleated skirt or a floral skirt.