Batik Fashion is Textile Style from Indonesia

Not many people know textile style from Indonesia, immediately called Batik Solo. In fact, the resulting Batik Solo craftsmen centuries ago is one of the milestones Batik Indonesia.

Various parts of the world's oldest man is the way the textile processing, it is actually in Solo (as in Java) Batik entered the realm of government. These conditions make Batik to be special because it has a ranking based on motive.

There are certain motives which can only be worn by kings and nobles, or only used during celebrations. This makes the Solo Batik different than other other textile.
Historical and anthropological background, it becomes one of the reasons was chosen as the third city of Solo travel destination preservation mission conducted jointly by Batik Batik Attack Cleaner and Edward Hutabarat. Batik preservation mission "I'll Never Love At Batik Faded", established since October 1, 2010, in order Attack recognition and commemoration Cleaner Batik Batik, Pekalongan have previously visited (December 2010) and Madura (April 2011).

"Batik fashion must be understood from its roots. Just by way of experience; see, feel directly, we can appreciate the value of a piece of batik. There are many facets that can be discussed about Batik. Not solely because of the recognition of an international institution, then we raced to review Batik. But we should appreciate Batik knowing the process, appreciate the pulse of life around it that is often overlooked, "said Edward Hutabarat as batik designer in a release received, Saturday, June 18, 2011.

"We make batik with traditional grip-grip Solo batik with color and technique modifications smocked (wrinkle) to get a fresh impression of a more contemporary, and the type of Batik painting (painting Batik), which is channeling the soul of my art," said Saud , one of Solo batik craftsmen.

"Jarik or fabric used by the king and the nobility palace is part of the symbols and their image. Of course, making only delivered on those beliefs at that time settled in Solo, "he added.

Meeting the needs of Batik was later to move the economy and social issues. Not only for the needs of the palace, Batik with fashion motif, made by craftsmen out of Kampung Batik Kauman to the general public. Batik craftsmen worked between 8-10 hours per day. When it feels tired, not pills or supplements they are looking for a solution.

Instead, they have a herbal concoction known as herbal medicine. To the palace and palace workers, herbal medicine derived from the region Baluwarti, Tamtaman. Original medicinal herbs marketed by the vendors sling, but is now produced in the form of bottled, and need only be mixed with a little water, making it very practical to use.

As part of the tradition, Batik dress is also featured in many works of art, such as painting, dance, and a very unique from Solo is the Puppet People. Puppet People in the group is famous Sriwedari consistent gigging every day - except religious holiday, Islam and Sunday - since the 60's. Whenever the show, the puppet was wearing Batik in their various roles.