Models of High Heel Shoes can bring Harm

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Models of High Heel

Women and shoes, two things that are difficult to separate. However, high heel shoes as women freind, also can bring harm.

As happened in the singer, Aretha Franklin. A few weeks ago, she had to be hospitalized because of finger bone fractured. Aretha Franklin slip when wearing her favorite high heel shoes, Jimmy Choo designs.

Some models of high heel shoes, can indeed make the wearer into the hospital for a sprain or a fall while walking. For you to be more anticipatory, know the three models of shoes are high-risk wreck, which was launched from the Shine page.

- High heel shoes with more than 5 inches
The higher principle of shoes, the higher self-esteem, many women applied. However, you must know the risks. Especially when wearing high heel shoes for more than 5 inches.

"The higher the heel, then the less mastery of balance. This can lead to severe injuries such as bone breakdown," said dr. Positano.

- Shoes platform wedges
"Shoes model platform wedges are very high could be a 'prime suspect'," said Meghan Cleary, shoe expert.

Injuries most often occur due to a condition called "ballet break". Precisely when the wedges fell on the side of the foot, will make a great deal of pressure and foot off balance.

"This happens because the zero flexibility in the main platform, so that your feet are locked and can lead to large pressure loss of balance," said Cleary.

- Shoes pencil heel
Shoes models pencil heel make your feet are sexier. However, the small size of the heel is thin, making you a high risk of falling while wearing it.

"Someone will be very difficult to maintain balance while wearing shoes with pointy heels are thin. In addition, not only triggers problems in the feet but also your back and knees," said dr. Rock Positano, director of the Non-Surgical Foot Service at The Hospital for Special Surgery, New York.