Jennifer Aniston wear Transparent Skirt

Yesterday, weather 26 degrees Celsius in New York city on Wednesday, 22 June. Jennifer Aniston, who was walking leisurely, seemed to feel the heat. Aniston 42-year-old woman decided to stay comfortable on a hot day wearing a tank top the color of dark gray and white skirt is transparent.

From monitoring of paparazzi who follow her activities, beautiful legs of a woman who was familiarly called Jenn did not escape the attention of the news hunters.

In fact, they rival Jennifer Aniston poses with a photo of the late Lady Diana in 1980, when the mother of Prince William was wearing a transparent skirt and showed subordinate hierarchically feet when the middle of two kindergarten students to accompany plays. That was Dailymail launched on Thursday (06/23/2011).

It was clear from behind the skirts of transparency, Jennifer is wearing only white cotton underwear, and a pair of beautiful shapely legs. Because the former wife of Brad Pitt that included women who exercise regularly. Exercise keeps the body Jennifer Aniston still excellent, one of commitment to exercise is to run every day.