Batik Papua has different Ornamentation


Last time ago UNESCO has launched a batik as an object of cultural heritage was produced by Indonesia. Therefore, batik not only from the island of Java, from the tip of the country were the clothes that one can be found. Even to Papua, batik has become part of the hallmark of this area of ​​eastern Indonesia.

Designers from Papua, Jimmy Hendrick Afaar explained, batik Papua has different ornamentation. When are generally decorative motif is a symbol of tradition, in Papua motive precisely adapted from a typical cultural product area.

"Papua has a lot of interest so that we can make a variety of unique batik motifs. Each tribe has a uniqueness that can be told in a piece of cloth," said the designer from Papua, Jimmy when found in Grand Indonesia, Thursday (07/14/2011).

Furthermore, men 52 years reveals, papua, contemporary batik fabric looks different from other batik.

"In contrast to the Javanese batik which is a quintessential palace tradition, Papua present more contemporary batik motif taken from a form of musical instrument Papua, such as drums or from animals that were there such as lizards and paradise," he explained.

Not only has the other characteristic of batik in general, papua batik is also made by means of written.

"Now that Papuan batik enthusiasts have a lot, but the price is still expensive for most Papua batik is batik, not print," he explained.

"The uniqueness of papua batik has its own differences, both in terms of motifs and coloring are still using natural coloring techniques. Staining technique itself is derived from the betel-nut," he continued.

Through batik, Jimmy hopes Papua more known in foreign countries.

"Although we know a lot of batik in Java, but expect batik papua be widely known," he concluded.