Miranda Kerr after Birth posed for Instyle Magazine

miranda kerr
Miranda Kerr
Beauty model Miranda Kerr always radiates star charm in fashion stage. A week after giving birth, she did not force herself to keep its charm.

A week after giving birth, Victoria's Secret Angel posed for the cover of Instyle magazine Australia. Miranda Kerr is still sexy and stunning in gold Greek-style gown. Piece fell right below her neck and lower chest that showcased her feet.

Although the claim was not afraid to change her after giving birth, Miranda Kerr obviously had a little trouble getting her body as before.

"(Flynn) is a big baby, 4.5 kg at birth, and I thought, 'I've got a lot of desire in addition to modeling. I still accept myself now if I had a healthy child. It's comparable," Miranda told, as quoted from InStyle magazine.

Wife of actor Orlando Bloom has revealed that normal birth Flynn, her first son, was much more difficult than she imagined.

"I really think will die and leave my body. I looked down, the pain was so great," she said, as reported by Dailymail on Monday (7/11/2011).

"I kept thinking, 'How could she do this?". But if someone else could do it, I certainly can. I'm determined," added Miranda Kerr the 28-year-old woman.

Miranda Kerr also said that Orlando Bloom was the father who deftly as he often share parenting duties with her.

"Anyone who is unemployed. When I'm not working, I did not ask for help caregivers," she said.

"If I have to travel on a plane for a day's work, I was pumping breast milk and put it in the freezer," she said.