Feminine wear Victoria Beckham New Collection

victoria collection
Victoria collection

Recently Victoria Beckham has established as a fashion designer. Under the theme of Victoria fashion house, the wife of footballer David Beckham has issued a new collection for spring 2012.

Simple dresses in bold colored dominate her collection. Unlike the previous collection of precious relatively expensive, the newest collection of Posh Spice set with pocket friendly prices, between £ 375 to £ 995.

Previously, fashion designs Victoria Beckham women who were pregnant is quite expensive. For one dress, customers must spend three thousand pounds.

As reported on page Daily Mail, Victoria was inspired by Emily the Strange comic character who has a style of fashion in the 60's with bright colors. Cartoon character also inspired other designers such as Chanel, Gautier, Helmut Lang and Marc Jacobs in 2003.

The 37-year woman said there was something different from the character Emily The Strange compared the previous Victoria collections. According to Victoria Beckham, fashion style comic character is very feminine. Different from previous collections that still has a masculine element.

"One of my team said 'this will fit if you have a girl' because this is a collection of feminine I ever made," she said.

For Victoria, creating clothes for spring and summer is very pleasant. No wonder it has a lot of play in color, making the design more 'girly' with a piece that is simple and easy to use.

Silhouette that was developed was uniquely impressed with bulging shape, many accents wrinkles so that women with any body shape can use it.

It seems Victoria collection confirmed that she has a taste that both in the fashion world. Early decided to become a designer in 2004, Victoria had drawn criticism from fashion observers for being stylish dresses very messy when joining the group a phenomenal band Spice Girls.