Some Types of Shopper


For fashionita, shopping is not just a hunt for fashion items, buy, and pay or swipe a credit card. Fashionholic decision to buy or add to the collection of certain goods is influenced style.

According to the survey conducted by American Express, which released the report 'Spensetter', there are several types of shopper spend money. Each has a motivation and a different way of shopping.

Here are some types of shopper:
They redesigned the goods they buy. After buying bulk goods, the buyer will be cut and make clothes that depict their characters.

People with this type of selecting items on the website to compare prices. As many as 47 percent admit they buy more products online than a year earlier.

Studies show buyers are getting smarter and demanding value-added and promotions. Regularly, the buyer of this type tend to use smart phones to help the transaction or check discount.

New Villager
This type of shopper will buy local crafts and goods. They buy goods online, by phone, or direct. Generally, they know the fashion product of recommendation of a friend.

The buyers are more concerned with a luxury shopping experience. Dinner with a famous chef cuisine, buy a special book with the original signature of the author and buy clothes from the fashion house is the key to their satisfaction.

Buyers who buy organic items and environmentally friendly. As many as 26 percent of consumers are actively looking for environmentally friendly goods.