Palazzo Pants Trend in Fashion 2011

palazzo pants
Palazzo Pants

In Fashion 2011, popularity skinny pants seemed to be shifting wide-legged pants or palazzo pants, who returned to action in the world fashion stage. Raising the name of Michael Kors, Dries Van Noten, Jil Sander, and Marc Jacobs.

Popularity palazzo pants in the fashion world could not be separated from the role of Coco Chanel. Combines practicality and style, Coco Chanel develop designs pajama pants became a fashionable outfit for everyday activities.

Palazzo pants increasingly popular when Coco Chanel wore during the trip by riding a gondola in Venice, 1920. Entering the 1930's, made of lightweight pants waving it to be excellent among Hollywood celebrities.

Trends in fashion are always arise to sink. Having had time to fade, re-fueled popularity palazzo pants in the 1960's through the creation of Biba and Ossie Claek. And, apparently soon flying with a touch of the new style that creation of designers in the summer of this year.

Want to follow the trend of Pallazo pants? Follow the way of fashion solid match, as quoted by the Daily Mail:

- The key is to always input your tops. You have to accentuate your hips. Pair with a plain white shirt, camisol feminine, or oriental-style jacket for a unique appearance.

- Use wedges or platform so that you still look elegant appearance and does not look like a clown.

- Pair with a long Blazer, and a small bag to create the appearance does not look like men.

- To make it look glamorous, use a fitted blazer, high heels with more than 7cm, jewelry, and clutch bag.

- For a more mature appearance, use a blazer made of soft, lift his arm, add a thin belt at your waist.

- Use a plain vest or a silk tops to provide a simple silhouette.