Lily Cole have Brains and Beauty as Fashion Model

Lily Cole

Beauty fashion model Lily Cole has been breaking the views that had been prevailing in the society, that a general model-brained fool. This red-haired girl proves herself a fashion model that could have brains and beauty.

Not only good at showing off her sexy body in her red lingerie that intersected unique, but he also recently received his first degree History of Art at Cambridge University. So that was quoted by The Sun on Thursday (30/04/2011).

In a new pose, the British model showcases designs of three young designers who competed got Triumph's Inspiration Awards. The winner will earn the cash prize of approximately 13,500 pounds, equivalent to Rp187 million and took the opportunity to have their designs sold around the world.

The future is bright for Lily Cole more wide open to explore a career in the modeling world with the quality of the brain. In addition to hone talents in the field of modeling, Lily has also followed the test of acting ability starred in Terry Gilliam fantasy film, "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus" with Heath Ledger.

Lily Cole is not the only model who proudly affix an honorary degree on their CV. Natalie Portman holds a degree in Psychology from Harvard University, and Brit Kate Beckinsale studied French and Russian literature for three years at Oxford.