Kirstie Alley Confident wear Tight Dress

kirstie alley body
Kirstie Alley Body

Recently after overweight, Kirstie Alley is now much more streamlined. Proud of the changes in body form, Kirstie do not hesitate to flaunt at every opportunity.

Kirstie Alley as starring Rebecca Howe in the series "Cheers" is to look confident to leave the Greenwich Hotel, Tribeca, New York wrapped in a tight dress dark gray. Roland Mouret dress design. Dress price for 1220 pounds was pertaining to the leopard motif high heels and bracelet gold chain.

The actress who was busy following the event "Dancing with the Stars" reveals the efforts that her diet helped weight loss program, Organic Liaison.

"Before 'Dancing with the Stars', my weight has been reduced 27.2 kilograms and 13.6 kilograms fell throughout the event. I think without this event, my diet program will not succeed," Kirstie said, as quoted Dailymail, Tuesday (28/06/2011).

Although already quite slim, Kirstie Alley still hopes hold slim that her body could fit in a favorite dress. The dress has a waist circumference of 24.54 cm which she used to plan the next vacation to Italy.

"Previously I have tried, but once the zipper is raised ... The dress will be my next target," Kirstie said.