Unique Dress with Pens

Dress crystals or dress decorated with gems may be many on fashion. But, what about the dress reigns hundreds of pen?

Steven Tai, the fashion elite school students in Britain, Central St Martins, creating a unique dress with a pen point 795 is seated. Do not stop there, the whole pen is connected with wires and a small motor, thus making the clothing can vibrate.

This dress is shaped A-line which is equipped with a rectangular panel at the dress. Have metal ore, particularly in the front of the dress. This work is actually the result of collaboration between Steven Tai and creative technology experts, John Nussey. They created a dress for the final show.

"We see a number of different ways to make beans pen and how to connect using a wire. Steven has a wonderful idea and we should try to make the nib has an 'impact'," Nussey said, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

He also reveals in creating this dress, it takes a balance of technical and creative processes. To create a vibration in a dress, Nussey uses the same engine on cell phones. That's because the price is cheap and does not require much power.

Rows of metal tip pen and then connected together and equipped with different buttons in each row. This is so the vibration can be activated separately.

With certain techniques on the front panel can be changed in order to get the gown shimmering effect. Speed ​​and movement patterns can be changed to create a variety of different effects.

Dress with hundreds of pen point, a row of wires and motors, weighs almost 14 pounds this dress. So, are you interested to wearing dress of pens?