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Fashion Fair

Ways to globalizing Muslim fashion, events Islamic Fashion Festival held back. With the theme "Moghul Splendour", the splendor of the Moghul in India in the 17th century, the event held in Bandung was a success. How about the Indonesian Islamic Fashion Fair?

Apparently, Indonesian Islamic Fashion Fair also not remain silent to realize a plan to make Indonesia as a Muslim fashion mecca of the world in 2020. One of them, Muslim fashion show at the prestigious event like the exhibition show in Paris.

"We once every three months training. In addition, the Indonesian Islamic Fashion Fair will hold exhibition show in Paris, December 20 to 27 next," said Chairman of the Central Association of Indonesian Fashion Designers Entrepreneurs Taruna K Kusmayadi when talking with via mobile phone, Monday (6/27/2011) as quoted from

Not only that, the man who was familiarly called Nuna was also sure, Indonesian Islamic Fashion Fair will join in the Islamic Fashion Week, the international arena commensurate Hong Kong Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week even.

"God willing, next year join the Indonesian Fashion Week with the originator APPMI. Because we both make a big event, and mutual support. After all, many members Association of Indonesian Fashion Designers Entrepreneurs are also members Indonesian Islamic Fashion Fair," says this bespectacled man.

For the success of the mission, Nuna sure, efforts were made. One of them, be diligent in promoting Muslim fashion event fashion shows.

"We need a little hold events like fashion shows, but continuous," he concluded.

As reported previously, Indonesian Islamic Fashion Fair is a blueprint for 2011-2020 work plan was initiated by Indonesia Islamic Fashion Consortium. This work plan include the development and supply of products and market development at home and abroad.

Preparation of blueprint for the work plan is not separated from the efforts Indonesia Islamic Fashion Consortium who actively campaigning to make Indonesia as the world's fashion muslim 2020 through Indonesian Islamic Fashion Fair.