Nail Polish can Describe wearer Personality

nail polish
Nail Polish

Recently nail polish color choices are very diverse. Starting from the plain to which is equipped with gliter.

Not just a complement appearance, choice of nail polish colors can also describe your personality. Of the many colors, you definitely have one favorite color of nail polish. Here are colors of nail polish and the picture of the wearer's personality, as reported from

- yellow
Yellow is the color of nail polish that is usually worn women brave super trendy. Choice of yellow nail polish is usually chosen by women who have unique tastes. Cheerfulness is also inseparable from herself.
"He could be a little bit bohemian rebel personality as well as rockers," says Ginger Johnson, one of the founders of the company nail polish + Ginger Liz Colour Collection.

- green light
"Women who wear neon green nail polish is a very energetic and likes to tell," said Baek.

The green color is also described as the color of freedom. Women who like the green nail polish tend to like to take risks and always trying new things.

- white
White color nail polish is usually a favorite of women who have a conservative personality. He also included a stubborn person.
"He really knows what he wants and is difficult to change," says Essie Weingarten, founder of Essie Cosmetics.

- red
It is the universal color for nail polish. Describe the elegance, power and romance. Usually a woman wearing red nail polish colors to attract the attention of men. "It could be that he is in love and want to highlight the sensuous side of him," said Essie.

- Light pink
Women who wore pink nail polish lit tends bold, sexy and very confident.

"To be able to wear feminine colors of this one definitely has a high confidence, because the color is really steal the show," said Catherine Baek, professional nail groomer, as quoted from