Shakira launch Fragrance Products for Confidence Women


Beauty singer Shakira was complete line of celebrity who launch fragrance products. Colombian singer is launching a sensual aroma, S by Shakira that will inspire different feelings in people who kiss it.

Chanter "She Wolf" it makes perfumes inspired different feelings in everyone who kissed it. The owner of this fantastic body was surprised to see the connection between creating a perfume by writing songs.

"After making first debut perfume, S by Shakira, I became interested in the possibility of expressing emotion through the perfume," Shakira said, was quoted by Femalefirst, Monday (11/07/2011).

Furthermore, this blond woman reveals how to express happy through the fragrance.

"It's similar to the process you go through when composing melodies. The combination of a particular chord inspire different feelings in the hearing I would like to find a way to express the pure joy through the perfume," she said.

Shakira revealed, design perfumes aimed at women who have self-confidence.

"Women who use this fragrance will be a free and powerful, but also a woman with a great ability to love and strong feelings about themselves. It's for women who are confident," Shakira told to People.

Fragrance S by Shakira is a combination scent of jasmine, sandalwood, fresh flowers, bergamot and cassis, wild fruits which aroma sweet, musk, and vanilla.

S by Shakira Eau Florale will be sold retail in September with a price tag of between USD17 to USD35.