Auction Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry Collection

Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry
Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry

You must know if Elizabeth Taylor name is not only synonymous with Cleopatra, but also diamonds and jewelry collection of the famous around the world. Collection of jewelry, art items, and fashion's famous actress who died on March 23 because heart failure will be exhibited and then auctioned off by Christie's auction house began in December.

Before the auction took place, Christie's will present a ten day exhibition at his gallery at Rockefeller Center, New York, which will be opened on December 3, 2011. Furthermore, in an official statement to the media mentioned, other than Liz Taylor jewelry collection exhibition, the Christie's Auction House also will do a world tour from September to several important cities, like Moscow, London, Los Angeles, Geneva, Paris, Hong Kong, and Dubai.

"Not only exhibition and auction, a portion of the income generated by the auction also will be donated to Elizabeth Taylor's AIDS foundation," said Christie's spokesman, as reported by Reuters.

Although not formally release details of the collection will be exhibited and auctioned, predicted Elizabeth Taylor jewelry collection is worth USD 100 million.

While the property is estimated to be worth between $ 500 million to $ 1 billion, even larger than the auction collection of American fashion icon Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in 1993, which totaled $ 35 million or auction property owned by the Duke & Duchess of Windsor that is worth USD25 million.

Elizabeth Taylor collection
consists of jewelry, diamond, luxury dress, accessories, and collections of art, like paintings, sculptures, and memorabilia from her home in Bel Air. Christie's said the auction was a collection of Taylor as one of the event jewelry auction of rare and unusual.

Auction of Elizabeth Taylor collection will be divided into two, where collections of jewelry, fashion, and its properties will be held in London in February 2012. While the auction art collection will be housed in New York in December.