Clarks Shoes is Legendary Boot

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In the trend 2011 of high heels and flats, boot slipped through the leg appearance of some fashion lovers. Despite the various modifications that are created, boot fans will certainly not ignorant of the shoe classic design of Nathan Clark's: Clarks Desert Boots.

Nathan Clark who dies last week, started the creation of the legendary boot it from a military camp in England, in the 1940s, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

Beginning in 1941, when Nathan served as an officer in the Royal Army Service Corps. The idea revolutionized the footwear community suddenly appeared in his head. Incidentally it includes the famous clan businessman shoes, Clarks.

He continued to develop his ideas. During reinforce troops in Burma, he made a small note about the local army footwear that looks very natural. He seemed to demand his brother agreed to gather information about military footwear for trips to various countries.

Around 1944, Nathan, who was educated at the Staff College began to realize his idea to create the design of brown suede boots. He then perfected the design in the course of the next army to Kashmir.

After feeling quite satisfied, Nathan immediately send rough designs and patterns into his brother's shoes. But, be rejected. In fact, an official steering committee goods company told the council that the shoes will not be sold.

Undaunted, Nathan desperate to cut their own patterns for the sake of making a prototype. With its capacity as the Overseas Development Manager at that company, he then showed the prototype boot to Oscar Schoeffler, a fashion editor of Esquire.

The magazine display stories and pictures of his work boot design. Suddenly, the shoe was a shoe-selling in those days. More than 10 million shoes sold in 100 countries. Shoes that are known as 'World Travelled most shoes' is included as 15 shoe that changed the world version of Design Museum in 2009.

A number of celebrities wearing them. Oasis frontman, Liam Gallagher, began to wear in the 1990s. Since then, Liam did not even use another brand of shoes, besides Clark. Not to be outdone, Bob Dylan, Robbie Williams also has a similar collection of Desert Boots. In 1999, Tony Blair was also seen using Clarks shoes.

Derived from the military realm, does not mean can not beautify a woman's feet. Because of comfort, strength, and the model is unique, Sarah Jessica Parker was infatuated with this shoe.

In the past decade, models of shoes have been making a profit £ 100 million. In fact, countless how many fashion houses that imitate the boot shoes, including a number of shoe manufacturers in Malaysia.